Did OnStar Accidentally Reveal GM’s “SS Performance” Model?

The evidence is really starting to pile up that GM is working on some sort of new performance car called simply the “SS”. First there were rumblings that the Caprice PPV might find a place in the Chevy lineup, and then GM went ahead and trademarked the SS moniker. GM also announced that the Impala would be replaced in NASCAR by a new, as-yet unnamed vehicle.

But now we have the most certain evidence yet that GM plans a new Chevrolet model called the SS. Writer and website designer Christopher Price stumbled over mention of a 2014 Chevy model called the “SS Performance” while checking out OnStar’s page.

It was a happy coincidence for Price, who was looking at what future GM vehicles would be offering RemoteLink with OnStar. He clicked on the 2014 model year, and right there next to all the expected models within GM’s lineup was “SS Performance.” This pretty much seals the deal on what GM’s new car will be called.

That of course still leaves the mystery of what it will look like. Speculation remains that a four-door sports sedan is in the works, likely based on the Holden Commodore. Yet the Commodore platform is old, dated, and slated to be replaced soon…like around 2014. So if anything, the SS Performance will ride on a new platform, and Price speculates that it might even come with a bi-fuel CNG (compressed natural gas) and LPG (propane) option.

We won’t hold our breath, as GM doesn’t seem likely to reveal any more new cars until later this year. It appears that for once, the rampant speculation of internet journalism was right, at least as far as the name of Chevy’s new car is concerned. Everything else is still up in the air as far as we are concerned though.

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