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Hedman Husler Mid-Length LS-Swap Headers For GM A-Bodies

For those who run an LS-equipped classic A-body, Hedman now offers these new Husler headers that optimize breathing performance while staying sealed to the engine and looking great. Read More

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Video: Turbo Silverado Battles R35 GTR

What happens when you drag race a 1,000 horsepower Silverado against an R35 GTR? See who wins the race inside! Read More


Auction Block Superstar: ’69 L88 Stingray Goes For $680K In Dallas

This killer C3 just fetched a massive pile of cash over at the recent Mecum auction in Dallas, Texas. Read up on its storied past here and learn what made it so valuable. Read More

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Video: A Burnout To Light Up Your Day

When cruising down a back country road, sometimes you just want to stop, and light them up! Watch as this '64 Chevelle boils the tires. Read More


957 Horsepower For Mark Stielow’s New ‘Hellfire’ Pro Touring Camaro

Mark Stielow has already built numerous legendary Pro Touring Camaros, and his latest creation sports a 957-horsepower supercharged LS9. Check out the details of this stunning road warrior powerplant! Read More

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Doors Stay Shut When You Use SLAMSTOP, Now Universally Available

Doors that get left ajar or come open on the freeway are a serious concern. SLAMSTOP takes care of the issue with high-end technology that ensures the door shuts completely every time. Best of all, it's universal! Read More


Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour Registration Is Wrapping Up

If you've ever wanted to take a long distance road tour in your muscle car, classic, hot rod, or custom now is your chance. The all inclusive Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour heads out later this month. Read More


“Why I Sold My Camaro, & Bought An Electric Car” – A Fairy Tale

Electric cars have a place in the wide world of enthusiast vehicles, but if they're ever to become truly mainstream choices for car buyers, they'll have to stand on their own, real merits, not straw-man arguments. Read More


Performance Distributors’ Professional Tips Help Diagnose Issues

Distributor and ignition issues can drive you crazy trying to diagnose the problem. Performance Distributors offers a number of tech tips intended to simplify the process. Read More


Can Dale Earnhardt Jr Win The Sprint Cup Championship?

The new chase format for the Sprint Cup Championship is likely to cause a few changes in the point standings with the competition being eliminated in rounds. We make a round-by-round projection on the results. Read More


The Worst Chevrolet Ever Made?

What's the worst Chevrolet ever made? While Chevy is the best, they haven't always hit home-runs. We got curious and decided to find out what the worst Chevy ever made was. See which one we picked inside. Read More

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Smokey Yunick’s 1957 Chevrolet

Check out this 1957 210 Sedan, a great tribute to Smokey Yunick. This car has some great features that would make it a great car to add to the stable. Read More


Why GM Continues to Struggle in Japan

Sales for GM continue to be extremely high within the United States as GM posted over 270,000 units sold in the month of August. However, GM continues to struggle selling in the land of the rising sun. Read More


Video: Motor City Masters Contestants Tackle 6th-Gen Camaro Designs

The second-to-last episode of Masters of Design saw some twists and turns thrown at the three contestants. Who was the odd man out at the end? The answer may surprise you. Read More


AutoRad Rolls Out Better Cooling Support For Tri-Fives

AutoRad now offers these swell new radiators for Tri-Fives, affording you better clearance, lightweight aluminum, and TIG-welded construction. Keep your hot rod cool for years to come with one of these kits. Read More


Pulp Non-Fiction: 1958 GMC Truck Operator’s Manual

In today's age of modern technology and media, we often forget what the manuals looked like in Post WWII America. An era where industrial growth ran wild and more people had more money but less education. More here: Read More


Flaming River Explains What To Keep In Mind With A Steering System

Having a custom steering system can really make an interior stand out from the crowd. But make sure you follow all the tips from Flaming River and ensure that it's installed correctly. Read More


Chevrolet Reveals University Of Texas Special Edition Silverado

To celebrate the start of the Texas Longhorn’s football season, Chevrolet recently announced the introduction of a 2015 special edition University of Texas Longhorns Silverado. Read all the details here. Read More


Scott’s Hotrods Unveils The Goodguys G10 Giveaway Truck At PPG Nats

The PPG Nationals in Columbus is a headliner event for hot rodding and custom enthusiasts. For us, one of the highlights was the unveiling of the much anticipated Goodguys G10 truck–get an up close look inside! Read More


Car Feature: Jerry Mondock’s 1999 Camaro SS

Flying Fourth Gen F-body! Check out this 1999 Camaro SS that has a lot to hide under the sheet metal. We watched this F-body getting pushed to its max on the track, and had to take a closer look! Read More