Own Your Very Own Yenko Chevelle

You can have a chance to own a true American super car. Built back when cars were king, horsepower ruled, and Don Yenko was a household name, this Yenko is going up for sale, and you can own history. Read More

first L78 396

Chevelle Engine Options: 1968

In 1968, Chevrolet's Chevelle received a major redesign. Not only was the body completely new, but a new engine was added to the line up. Find out what engines were available in the 1968 Chevelle. Read More


New Camaro Becomes a Truly World-Proven Car

Chevrolet announced that they will be offering the 2016 Camaro to enthusiasts in Europe. They're starting by testing the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Read More


Brothers’ 17TH Annual Show & Shine Truck Show

We stopped by the Brothers Truck Show & Shine truck show in Anaheim, for the 17th annual edition of this great event. Every year the show gets bigger and better with Chevy trucks from all over showing up Read More


Tech: Armstrong Race Engineering’s Spintric Clears The Air

Removing the air from your competition engine's dry sump oiling system is a good thing; we cover the finer points of ARE's Spintric and how it can help you. More details inside! Read More

Inner Subframe Connectors

Heidts Introduces New Bolt-On Parts For 1982-92 Camaro And Firebird

For those looking to upgrade the suspension on their '82-'92 Camaro or Firebird, Heidts now offers a line of bolt-on components for these third-gen cars. Check 'em out! Read More


Firming Things Up: Borgeson’s GM F-Body Variable Ratio Steering Box

When upgraded parts look just like the original, it's hard to see the benefits. But after installing this Borgeson steering box the upgrade was well worth it, because it's what's on the inside that counts the most. Read More


Choosing the Right Sway Bar With Help from Hellwig Products

If you are contemplating a sway bar upgrade under your classic hot rod, check out the benefits of why an upgrade helps your car's handling. What's more, we even show you how to install them. Read More


Equipping Project Sucker Punch With an MSD Electronic Ignition

The addition of a blower on Project Sucker Punch meant that we needed more reliable spark and some adjustability in our ignition system. Thankfully our friends at MSD Performance had the answer! Read More

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Can You Make a Credible Z28 Out of a Camaro SS? Maybe.

So you want a Z28, but all you could afford was a SS? No problem! You can still have an very decent replica for super cheap, as long as you're willing to compromise! Read More


Terminator, HP, Dominator – A Look at the Holley EFI Family

Whether you want to convert a classic musclecar from carburation to EFI, run a six-second drag car, or anything in between, Holley offers a fuel injection solution. Read More

1971 Monte Carlo

“The Fast And The Furious” 1971 Monte Carlo On eBay For $1M

We found this 1971 Chevrolet Monte on eBay that has starred in popular movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Is it worth the one million dollar price tag attached to it? Read More


Chevrolet Shows Off The 2016 Non-Stop, Drop Top Camaro

Chevrolet's exciting new Camaro convertible was unveiled to the public this week to much well-deserved fanfare. Take a ride along with the Chevrolet crew on the Camaro's inaugural ride in public through this video. Read More


Throwback Thursday: The Road Trip and the Family Station Wagon

Throwback Thursday: Let's reminisce as we take a look back at road tripping in the family station wagon. Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and we apologize if you are the one sitting in the rearward-facing seat. Read More

Toyo copy

Toyo Tires Website: You Have Tire Questions, They Have Answers

If you are thinking about buying a set for tires for your car, check out the Toyo Tires website before you buy. Not only will you find great tires, but a wealth information to help with your decision. Read More


Video: Measuring Piston to Cylinder Bore Clearance With Mahle

Without the correct piston-to-bore clearance, you run the risk of causing major damage to your new bullet. Mahle's Trey MacFarland explains how to measure in this short educational video. Read More


Take a Ride on the Seamier Side: The 5 Most Forgettable Camaros

The Chevy Camaro has, with a few notable exceptions, been one of the company's most popular products. But every now and again, things happen. Here are some of those notable exceptions. Read More


Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Online Encyclopedia Of Suspension Fab

When it comes to selecting a chassis upgrade, Chris Alston's Chassisworks provides a very useful tool on their webpage. These system guides take the mystery out of what components are needed. Read More


Buy a New Water Pump; Get a Free Shirt and $25

If you find your car is a little hot under the hood, check out this rebate on water pumps from Edelbrock. You'll not only get a great water pump, but a free shirt and $25. What are you waiting for? Read More


Get $50 Off Premium Steering Wheel At Flaming River

Flaming River is offering a discount on two of their premium steering wheels for online purchases. The offer expires on July 5, 2015. Click here for more information on this and other offers from Flaming River. Read More