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Going, Going, Gone: L89 Corvette Pops Up In The Land Down Under

This C3 from Australia went up for auction last week on eBay, and it packed a really cool surprise...can you guess what it is? Click here to find out. Read More


Video: Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts Trilogy – Teaser For Part Three

When you hear bootlegger, if you're a gearhead you might think about a musclecar - a fast one that can outrun anything. Lunati's new Bootlegger Camshafts are designed for power where you need it the most. Read More


Video: Behind the Scenes of a Camaro/Model Shoot

Model shoot videos may normally be all about the model, but in this case, it's about the process behind photographing cars and people who model with them. It's an art like no other! Read More


Borowski Built 388 Cube Vortech-Blown E85 LS Next Engine, With Video

Check out the sweet LS1-headed street-going engine of Rich Jovanovich. Put together by the team at Borowski Race Engines, it knocked down well north of 1,100 horsepower on the dyno! Read More

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One LSU Fan Uses His C5 to Show He Bleeds Purple and Gold

Mr. Vining has created quite the fan vehicle to demonstrate his love for the Louisiana State University Tigers... and why not do it in style with a C5 Corvette? Read More


Quick Tech: Lucas Oil Sure-Shift Semi-Synthetic ATF

Lucas Oil's Sure-Shift Semi-Synthetic ATF is a Dexron III/Mercon/Mercon V/Allison C-4 compatible formula designed to provide protection and performance without breaking the budget. Read More


Tim Orello’s Classy Looking 400ci Twin-turbo Small-Block

Tim Orello has built a 400ci twin-turbo small-block that makes more than 1,000 horsepower for his '67 Camaro, but he also drives the car on the street. Check out the story for all the details. Read More


The ZR1: Then and Now

The ZR1 nameplate has been synonymous with performance since its inception. We follow the history of the ZR1 and take a look at how it earned its reputation for performance. Read More


Project Sucker Punch: Rehabilitating The Rearend (Going to Rehab)

Chevy fans will recognize this first-generation Bel Air four-door hardtop, but will they believe the rearend rehab that we do to the classic? Read more about it here. Read More


How To Assess A Used Engine Block And Step-By-Step Machining Process

With Project Tiger's Eye well underway we teamed up with L&R Engines to assess our newly acquired 350 small-block. They took us behind the scenes of their facility and answered questions on the machining process. Read More


High Tech GM Gratitude – LS Crate Motors At A Glance.

Never in the history of motordom has there been such a selection of high tech horsepower from GM. From mild to wild, the LS of your dreams is just a click away. Ain't life grand? Read More

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Video: Musclecar Of The Week–The 1970 Dick Harrell 454 Camaro

A video walk-around of the rarest of rare musclecars–the only known surviving Dick Harrell 1970 Camaro 454. Details are sketchy on how many were originally built, three or six, but here is the last one. Read More


Weldon Pumps, VP Racing Offer Maintenance Tips For Oxygenated Fuels

The growing popularity of oxygenated fuels is causing concern for suppliers that see an increase in fuel-system corrosion. Weldon Pumps and VP Racing explain and offer useful maintenance tips. Read More


Super Clean First-Year Impala Heading To California Auction

It's not hard to come up with a list of classic Chevys that a lot of car collectors would love to have. What is hard, is finding that perfect vehicle when the time comes to purchase one–except this time! Read More


Video: Chevy-Powered ’67 Mustang “Helleanor” Dominates The Track

Named after the famed '67 Mustang GT500 that starred in Gone in 60 Seconds, Helleanor is a true steel-bodied '67 Fastback that's been converted to a glorious track-dominating machine. Check it out inside! Read More

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Legendary VH1 Corvettes Might Finally Be Restored!

Any teenager of the 80's will undoubtedly remember the VH1 Corvette giveaway. These 36 Corvettes have been traded more than once since then, and now there is a possibility of a fairytale ending! Read More


BMR’s 2-Inch Lowering Springs For BBC/SBC 1967-69 Camaros

BMR's new lowering springs for first-gen Camaros bring your pro-touring game to a whole different level. Now available for 1967-69 Camaros, these units drop the center of gravity to offer you better handling. Read More


Bodies Found In Two Chevy Cars At Foss Lake Identified After A Year

Over a year ago, Oklahoma State Troopers were shocked to find two Chevy cars in a lake with three bodies, six total, in the cars. The bodies have finally been identified and two cold cases solved. Read more here. Read More


Petersen Auto Museum Moves Into Reagan Library By Crane

What do you do with an entire collection of cars when the museum is closed for renovation? The Petersen Automotive Museum discovered a new avenue to keep the cars available to the public. Read more here. Read More


Concept One: Necessity Was The Mother Of Invention For Redd Brothers

For some of us, finding the right part means scouring the wrecking yards until we hit the jackpot. For Kevin and Randy Redd, they put their degrees together and created the parts they needed and created Concept One. Read More