Pace Performance: Buy an LS9 or LSX454R, Get a $2,000 Rebate

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Tech: Boost And Vacuum – Finding Hidden Horsepower

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Burns Stainless “No Holds Barred” C6 Corvette Race Exhaust

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The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #3 Johnson’s Impala

Third on our top five Chevrolet racecars of all time is the NASCAR version of the Impala SS with R07 race engine. This was the combination to beat for the six-seasons that it competed in the Sprint Cup series. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #4 Pro Stock Camaro

Grumpy Jenkin's '68 Pro-Stock Camaro was the winner of the first two NHRA Pro Stock races ever - the 1970 Winternationals and Gatornationals. This feared Camaro ranks as #4 on our top five Chevy Racecars list. Read More


The Five Greatest Chevy Race Cars Of All Time: #5 1988 Penske PC17

This week's top five list takes us to the performance side of Chevrolet. From drag racing's internationals to the Indy 500, we give you a list of our top five Chevy racecars of all time. #5 is the legendary PC17. Read More


Video: RK Motors Award-Winning ’62 Chevrolet Bel Air Up For Sale

With custom fabrication and several awards under its belt, RK Motors discovered a gem; a 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air. It has the looks to command an entire showroom. Click here to see more! Read More


Camaro V6 Wins Kelly Blue Book Best Resale Value

The base 2015 Camaro RS with its 323 HP V6 engine makes 53 more than a 1979 Z/28. Add sub six-second zero to 60 times and 30 MPG and its easy to see why Kelly Blue Book rated it best resale value for a sporty car. Read More


John Krueger’s 1967 Nova SS

Have you ever come across a car so impressive you have to go back for another look? Here we have just that–John Krueger's cherry '67 Chevy Nova SS. See it in all its glory inside! Read More


An Introduction To Cold Hard Art In 10 Questions

Just when we think that the word "artist" has been ultimately defined in our automotive dictionary we find another refreshing new facet of automotive art to enjoy. Meet our latest find, Cold Hard Art. Read More

1968 Chevy C-10 (18)

David Neal’s 1968 Chevy C-10

How does one dare to be different in the world of custom trucks when just about everything and anything has at one time or another been applied or at least tried? Check out David Neal's custom '68 inside. Read More


Video: In-Car View As Chevette Gets Loose And Slaps The Wall!

This Chevette pilot, even though this pass goes all wrong ended up with a pancaked drivers side after slapping the wall, does everything right after the fact. Read More

pasted_image_at_2015_01_27_08_25_am copy

Stephen Vigoa Sets Stock Bottom End ZL1 Camaro Record

Stephen Vigoa rolled to a new record of 9.86 at 138 mph with his 4,200+ lb. Camaro ZL1 sporting the stock bottom end, transmission, and suspension setup. Read More


Video: NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series Is a Great Place to Race

The Mustang Camaro rivalry is more of a holy war than one based on reality or mechanical prowess. NASA has capitalized on the heated passions of pony car drivers with the Camaro-Mustang Challenge series. Read More

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.08.27 PM

Video: F1-X-equipped C6 Corvette Puts Down 1,445 HP At The Wheels

1,000 horsepower is a lot to handle for anybody; how about 1,400+? Check out this video of an F1-X-equipped C6 Corvette put down massive amounts of power on the dyno. Read More

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.58.19 AM

Video: Redline Motorsports Supercharges The Z/28 Camaro

Check out the power gains that Redline Motorsports gets out of a Z/28 Camaro with their supercharger upgrade package. Adding a supercharger to a car that already performs this well is like mixing fire with fire. Read More


Video: Early Morning Cop Car Crack Up – Better To Be In Bed At 3AM

An old adage says nothing much bad happens to folks at home in bed at 3:00 AM. The unlicensed drivers of a Lexus and Camaro wished they would have stayed in, as a three-way crash with a cop car never turns out well. Read More

5th Gen Camaro Montgomery County Heist wreck

Video: Stolen 5th Gen Camaro Used as a Weapon in an Armed Robbery

Like something out of a heist movie, a group of robbers used a stolen 5th Generation Camaro to successfully (kinda...) rob a cash and loan van in Montgomery County, Texas. Read More

Tonawanda 6

Video: Heartbeat of America Born Here – GM Powertrain Factory Tour

GM's New York, Tonawanda factory is where it all begins for GM's 5th Gen small block. Watch a supercharged LT4 go from a rough casting to a fully dressed 650 hp Vette motor in around 11 minutes. Read More


Video: Too Much Torque For This Beautiful LS1-Swapped FD RX-7

This beautiful LS1-swapped RX-7 is a beast out on the track, but proves to be quite a handful and suffers a little breakage. Check out the video to see this thing in action. Read More