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Chevrolet Surprises All On April Fools With The Best Day Ever

Handing out random acts of awesomeness on April Fools Day, Chevrolet is striving to take care of people by surprise. From free gas cards to pampering for women, Chevy's Best Day Ever is nothing short of spectacular. Read More


Heidts: Free Shipping On Selected Suspension Systems Through April

During the entire month of April, 2015, Heidts is offering free shipping on selected suspension systems for the front or rear of your custom build. This includes 4-link rear, and Superide and Mustang II IFS systems. Read More


Video: How Turbochargers Work Shown In A Simple Animation From Mahle

Ever wondered just how a turbocharger turns exhaust energy into horsepower? Check out this quick video from Mahle Afternarket that shows the process with simple, easy to understand visual assistance. Read More


Video: Man Uses Camaro to Pull Kid’s Tooth, Because Florida

It's exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the traditional doorknob, this dad uses the stump-pulling torque of his Camaro SS to yank his son's loose tooth. Surprisingly, all goes well... Read More


Tech: Powerglide Or Turbo 400…Two-Speed Or Three?

We've teamed u with ATI to build a new two-speed Turbo 400, which presents the perfect opportunity to learn more about the differences between the two- and three-speed and how they differ from a Powerglide. Read More


Top 5 Chevy Moments Of All Time: #3 First Plant Outside US

GM International announced the establishment of an assembly plant in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October of 1923. It's the first Chevy plant outside the US. Read More


Do Your Bidding: 10 Chevys To Watch For At Upcoming Mecum Auction

Check out our top 10 choices for the upcoming Mecum auction in Houston, Texas, April 9-12, 2015. Which of our picks do you think will ring in the biggest bids? Read More


JBA Headers and Exhaust System Give This 5.3L V8 a Power Upgrade

One of the most popular ways to bolt on instant power is to add aftermarket performance headers and an exhaust system to your truck. We check out the goods from JBA Performance Exhaust and give you the numbers. Read More


Video: Bespoke Supercharged LS Track Toy Climbs Mt. Alma

If you could build any track car you wanted, it might look something like this. Lightweight chassis, big tires, swoopy bodywork, and a big, thumpin' blown LS! Read More


Top 5 Chevy Moments Of All Time: #4 Chevelle SS 454 Arrives

Chevrolet's 1970 Chevelle SS 454 led the Chevy lineup at the peak of the musclecar era, becoming an instant legend. Many consider this the greatest musclecar of all time which earns it a top 5 moment in history. Read More

RK Motors Plug-1

Video: Why You Should Buy Your Next Musclecar From RK Motors

Even if you are elbow deep in a car right now, you are always thinking about your next one. That's just how the mind of a musclecar fan works. We found a premier source for that next car that you should check out. Read More


Crane Cams Releases Automotive Ground Strap For Surefire Ignition

Start your ride with ease when you use the new automotive ground strap from Crane Cams Ignition. This product provides surefire reliability with its built-in copper braid ribbon cable, and stretches up to 24 inches. Read More


The 2016 Camaro Does More With Less – A Lot Less

Today, Chevrolet dropped another sixth-gen Camaro teaser, which means we're another day closer to the debut on May 16th. Read More


Maryland Classic Cars Under Attack!

If you Live in the state of Maryland, your classic car might be under attack! Learn more about how you can help inside. Read More

1968 Chevy Impala london impound

1968 Chevy Impala is Stolen in Idaho and Ends up in London?!?

Somehow a 1968 Chevy Impala was stolen from Idaho and ended up over 4,000 miles away in London, Great Britain. How it got there remains a mystery. Read More


Top 5 Chevy Moments Of All Time: #5 Chevrolet Motor Company Founded

Although the partnership only lasted for a brief four years, Louis Chevrolet and William Durant joint together in 1911 to create a car company that would succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Read More


Video: 1,500 HP Twin Turbo Corvette Almost Wrecks on the Street

Driving a 1,500 horsepower Corvette on the street is cool. Almost losing control and crashing into not one but two Nissan GT-R's definitely is not cool. Read More


Video: 10-Second Boosted Chevy Bel Air Sleeper

Scott Brown's 1953 Bel Air may look like a cruiser, but this land yacht is a straight bruiser at the track. This big body bowtie runs 10's with some LSX power and a single turbo. Read More


Hedman Hedders Offers Headers For V8-Swapped 1982-2004 S-10s/Blazers

V8s in a small package are what make life fun. New from Hedman Hedders is a mid-length header kit for 1982-2004 S-10s and Blazers, offering better power and efficiency. Check it out! Read More


Video: Lunati Lives The Outlaw Life In Video For Bootlegger Cams

Lunati explores the wild side in this promotional video for its Bootlegger line of camshafts. You've just got to ask yourself: are you a square? Or an outlaw? Read More