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UMI Releases Rear Shock Lower Mount Brackets for 1982-2002 F-Bodies

UMI Performance ups the ante for 1982-2002 F-body owners with these new rear shock lower mounting brackets. They're double-sheared and offer excellent pivoting properties to enhance your musclecar's handling. Read More

Mickey Thompsons Street Comp 2010 Camaro vert

Build a Camaro Wheel/Tire Combo with Mickey Thompson’s Configurator

Mickey Thompson's Wheel Configurator lets owners of 5th Gen Camaros and other modern musclecars preview how Street Comp wheels will look on their rides. Read More


Clutches Explained: ACT, McLeod Racing, and SPEC Weigh In

For the performance enthusiast, there are many options in the clutch market. In this article, we spend some time with three of the biggest clutch manufacturers to find out what makes them different. Read More


New Photos Of The 2016 GTO, err, Camaro?

New photos have leaked of the 2016 Camaro! Does it look like a Camaro, or resemble the fourth generation GTO? Check out the photos inside and 'judge' for yourself! Read More


Sisco’s Fabrication Supercrew Silverado: A Preview Of What’s To Come

Sisco's Fabrication and Custom Bodywork is at it again! A few years back they brought us one of the baddest cars to hit the streets, now they are creating a truck that never was: a 1972 Chevrolet Supercrew! Read More


Lost, Found, Now What? Mystery Surrounds Discovery of ’69 Corvette

Intriguing story about a C3 that was stolen from the owner and recovered over 20 years later, but not the owner is nowhere to be found! Read More

2015 GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab Long Bed Front Three Quarter in Bro

Weighing In: GM’s 2015 Quarter-Tons Will Do More With Less

Step aside, Tacoma and Frontier--the Canyon and Colorado are promising more power and torque than ever before in a compact pickup, while getting great MPG ratings too. Off-road hooning is about to get fun again! Read More


UMI Launches Front Coil Over Conversion Brackets for ’64-72 A-Bodies

UMI Performance is here to get your 1964-72 A-body up to snuff on the short course track. The company now offers weld-in front coilover brackets to outfit the platform for demanding laps around the track. Read More


1969 First Gen Camaro Awaits Sixteen Year Old As First Ride

1969 Camaro sitting under old carport for two years awaits re-birth at the hands of a sixteen year old. Is this a potential father son project? We can only hope this is why this beauty has been sitting for so long. Read More


Edelbrock’s Do-It-Yourself Crate Engine Kits Complete The Process

The Edelbrock Do-It-Yourself kit is an all-in-one unit, here to take care of all the bits and pieces of your SBC build from top to bottom. See details inside. Read More

Chevy Celebrates Suburban’s 80th Birthday

One of America's most well-known SUVs is turning 80 years old this month, making it the longest running nameplate in the industry. Read More


Toughnology Concept Silverado Fires a Shot Across the F-150’s Bow

The concept highlights the use of high-strength steel in the cab, and features graphics intended to evoke a "raw steel" appearance, right down to the steel molecule diagram on each side. Read More


Video: 1952 LSX Willy’s Creates 729 Horsepower on the Dyno

Owner Justin Miller had always estimated that his '52 Willys Jeep made close to 750 horsepower, but now thanks to this video we have definitive proof that its capable of nearly 1,000 when they pull out all the stops Read More

Death vette8

The Tale Of Death Vette

This is Death Vette, Trent Durham's insane C5 Corvette project that may suck birds out of the air. Check out the feature to see what makes this car Albuquerques Baddest 'Vette! Read More


Faster, Lighter, Stronger How Forgeline’s Monoblock Wheels Are Built

Forgeline's one-piece forged Monoblock wheels represent the ultimate in wheel technology. Offering superior strength and weight savings we find out what goes into these race winning wheels. Read More


Video: French-Canadian Supercar with LS Power – Too Ugly to Live?

The specs are all on target - 525 horsepower, 1,135 kilo curb weight, front-mid engine location, and a tube chassis should make for a fun car to drive. But that back end! Read More

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.18.07 PM

Video: Worlds Fastest IRS Camaro Runs A 7.99!

The record for the worlds fastest IRS Camaro has been slowly creeping down, and finally makes it into the seven second range! Watch the video inside for the full run! Read More

Image: Oprah Winfrey at car giveaway

Weirdest Car Facts From Around The World

Since the invention of the first automobile in 1886, the next 125-years have provided us with a great deal of awesome automobile trivia. We are presenting 25 of our favorite car facts from around the world. Read More


Tool-Time Tuesday: Safety First!

This Tool-Time Tuesday we take a look at a few critical pieces of safety equipment, along with a few others you should be using as well. See the list inside! Read More

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission Coming to the 2016 Chevy Cruze

A 7-speed, dual clutch transmission is one of a combination of features GM is giving the 2016 Chevy Cruze to push it to the front of its class. Learn more about why GM is redesigning the drivetrain. Read More