Video: 17-Year-Old Taylor Hanus A Female Jr. Drag Racing Prodigy

Check out young dragster prodigy, Taylor Hanus, who drives her grandfather's Super Pro Chevy Camaro. Passionate about cars at such a young age, Hanus is fulfilling her passion and carrying on the family name. Read More


Editorial: We Can Thank Ralph Nader For The Camaro

The Camaro was created after one man's vain attempt to discredit the Chevrolet Corvair for his own personal celebrity contest. Nader won a battle but lost the war on several counts. Read more about the battle here. Read More

Race Wax-100

Product Review: Driven’s Race Wax Cleans and Protects Your Ride

We take a look at Driven Racing's Race Wax to find out why an oil company is making a car detailing spray. We also put Race Wax to the test to see if how well it removes bugs, road dirt, and grime from our car Read More


Toyo Tires: Buy ‘em, Love ‘em, or Bring ‘em Back 45-Day Trial Offer

How many products can you buy, try, and if you don't love it, you can bring it back within 45 days? We would bet you can't think of a single one. Well, Toyo Tires has a sweet deal you should check out right now! Read More


Top 5 Chevy Movie Cars Of All Time: #1 Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy

Our top choice as the #1 Chevy movie car of all time actually appeared in two classic movies. First as the star of Two-lane Blacktop, then as the anti-hero's car in American Graffiti. This 1955 150 Sedan is a star. Read More

1 1020

The Musclecar: Then, Now, & What’s To Come

Is the future of the muscle car doomed? They made it through insurance regulations, lack of fuel, and the 60s. But what's in store for the future? Read More


Dakota Digital: More Than Just A Pretty Face And Instrumentation

Dakota Digital is known for cool instrumentation in both digital and analog displays, but did you know that they also provide LED tail lamps, linear actuators, and cruise control? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Read More


Top 5 Chevy Movie Cars Of All Time: #2 American Graffiti 1958 Impala

American Graffiti hit car enthusiasts just right when it was released in 1973. The array of classic cars helped make this film a favorite. Of the cars featured, the 1958 white Impala gets a fair share of attention. Read More


Art Morrison Introduces New GT Sport Chassis for 1959-65 Chevrolets

Art Morrison Enterprises is proud to release a new and improved version of the GT Sport chassis that is sure to have everything a 1959-64 Chevy owner is looking for. Take a look here! Read More

GM suit

General Motors Affected Greatly By Current Ignition Switch Lawsuit

As General Motors continues to sift through the fire, their latest lawsuit involves the fatalities and serious injuries caused by a faulty ignition switch they installed in millions of GM vehicles. Read More


Video: 4 LSA Outboards Equals One 2,228 Horsepower Fishing Boat

Think your CTS-V or ZL1 has a lot of power? How about a 47 foot offshore fishing boat powered by four LSA outboards? This boat will pass anything on the water, except a fuel dock... Read More


William Shatner’s LSA-powered Rivet One Trike Will Be Produced

Yes, you read the headline right. William Shatner started a company to produce this motorcycle/trike, and he even co-designed it. It will, in fact, be powered by a supercharged LSA engine. Read More

1965Corvettecutaway_01_2500 (1)

Cut Up Corvette Could Fetch Over One Million Dollars

Wanna own a cut up Corvette? Now's your Chance. It might only cost you a cool Million! Read More


Swap Insanity: A Kibbetech-Built Mad Max Crown Victoria with an LQ9

This is a Crown Victoria like you've never seen. It was built by Kibbetech for thrashing around in the desert, meaning it has loads of suspension travel, and it's even got an LQ9 under the hood. Read More

745 1

If You Ever Wanted an LS-swapped 2002 BMW 745, This is For You

Is putting a Chevrolet V8 the answer to BMW reliability problems? Probably not, but this swap is very creative and even uses a GM truck gauge cluster. Take a look for yourself. Read More


Top 5 Chevy Movie Cars Of All Time: #3: Death Proof Nova

The Quentin Tarantino release of Death Proof in 2006 ensured that any guy owning a 1971 matte black Nova SS would never get a date again. The Nova SS carried the movie as its star however. Read More


Win a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray and 2015 Corvette Z06 courtesy of RMHC

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Central Valley is giving away a fully restored 1967 Corvette Sting Ray and a brand new 2015 Corvette Z06, in addition to $20,000. Read More


Video: A Custom 1971 Chevelle With 1,000 HP And All-Wheel Drive

Engine swaps come from all different directions. However, we found a truly unique build; a 1971 Chevelle with twin-turbochargers and an all-wheel drive setup. Click here to see this monster scream down the street. Read More

2015 COPO Camaro No. 1 Sale to Benefit Disabled Veterans

You Can Own COPO Camaro 001!

The COPO Camaro 001 is going up for auction this Saturday. Learn about its features and what the proceeds from this auction will be going towards. What's your guess on the closing bid? Make your assessment inside. Read More

36 canopy express

Chevy Brings Back The Small Business Delivery Truck

The small-business delivery truck is back. Learn more about Chevrolet's City Express, the descendant of the '49 Canopy Express. Small businesses and entrepreneurs rejoice! Read More