Video: Here’s Why You Don’t Launch Jet Skis With a Camaro

"It's a beautiful day," you say to yourself, in Portuguese since you are Brazilian. "I should take the jet skis down to the beach!" And thus, the video we have here becomes inevitable... Read More


Now On eBay: 1957 Chevy 4-Door Sedan

We found what could be an amazing buy on eBay. Check out this 1957 Chevy 4-door sedan that still has over 6-days before the auction ends. Read More


Video: Homies Lowrider Car Club In Japan From Steve’s POV

We found a video that really highlighted the entire world's love of bowtie cars. This is a video that can be understood in any language. Read More

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PROCAR Evolution Seat Install For Project Blank Slate

Project Blank Slate, our 1969 Chevrolet Camaro needed some new seats due to a few modifications. Click here to see what we did to fit SCAT's PROCAR Evolution seats! Read More


Swap Insanity: A 1964 International Loadstar CO-1700 Like No Other

Check out this incredible International Loadstar CO-1700 SEMA show truck. With a custom chassis, a twin-turbo LS3, and a ton of bespoke touches, this is one Loadstar CO-1700 that you won't forget. Read More


Video: RK Motors 1937 Chevrolet Business Coupe

Stumbling across the web, we came across a vintage '37 Chevrolet Business Coupe that doesn't fail to disappoint. With one owner and complete full restoration, click here to check this beauty in all its glory! Read More


A Look At The Iconic Yenko Camaro

Chevrolet never saw what was coming when they allowed American race car driver Don Yenko to rebuild their Camaro from the ground up. Click here to read more about the Yenko Camaro! Read More

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Black Beast: Rick Wetherbee’s Four-Door Outlaw Radial Impala SS

Rick Wetherbee's 1996 Impala SS is a radial tire monster that is built to the hilt and street legal. This boosted beast is ready for Radial vs The World and Dragweek all in the same year. Read More


Race & Performance Expo Returns To St. Charles, Ill. Feb 14-15

The annual Race & Performance Expo is headed back to St. Charlies, Illinois for its eighth rendition the weekend of February 14th and 15th at the sprawling Pheasant Run Resort Read More


Crimson Corvette: A Stingray That’s More Than Meets The Eye

Greg Thurmond's Stingray is a car not to be trifled with. Having seen its fair share of autocross challenges over the past two years, the C2 has made a name for itself–"Scarlett"–and rivals have learned to fear Read More


Video: Camaro Gets T-Boned By A Chevelle In Nasty Crash

Check out this Chevy-on-Chevy crime, as a Chevelle gets loose and t-bones a Camaro at the drag strip, doing considerable damage to both cars and sending the Chevelle on top of the wall! Read More

68 Camaro Keyes (72)-1200

Gary Keyes’ 1968 Dana SS/RS 427 Camaro Project

Gary Keyes always dreamed of owning a very special and unique musclecar, the '68 Dana 427 Camaro, but found that he could not afford to buy one. So he did the next best thing, he built one. Read More

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Video: Billy Briggs Turns Out Insane Naturally Aspirated LSX

Building nearly 1,000 naturally-aspirated horsepower from a small-block LS engine is no easy feat, but Billy Briggs has the science down pat. Check out this monster inside! Read More


Video: Aftermath Of A 4th Gen Camaro Drag Car Crashing On The Street

According to, the unidentified 50 year old driver of the 4th gen Camaro was transported via medevac helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital in serious condition. Read More


Summit Racing Offers GT Performance’s Classic Wood Steering Wheels

GT Performance, by way of Summit Racing, has launched the new Classic wooden steering wheels for your ride. With genuine wood and steel construction, these units are made to last long and look great. Check 'em out! Read More


ColorBond Paint Helps Keep Costs Down While Providing A New Look

Replacing an entire interior can run $3,000 and up. But there's an alternative that can cost one-tenth of that, and still look like a brand new interior. Check out this Caddillac restoration using ColorBond Paints. Read More

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Video: That’s Gotta Hurt! Old Chevy VS New Chevy Crash Test

It's tough for car guys to see an old fifties Chevy demolished, but this crash film from the IIHS is a fascinating watch. New cars look like tanks for a reason, folks. Alas, the '59 Bel Air didn't deserve this fate. Read More


Project Blank Slate: ’69 Road Racing Clone Camaro Build Update

When it came time to really define the face of Chevy Hardcore, rebuilding an iconic nameplate for road racing was an obvious choice. Follow as we prepare a pony car that was designed to conquer the Trans Am series. Read More


Video: “The Stickler” + Pontiac GTO = The Scariest Way to Split Wood

Using a GTO and a giant drill to split wood seems like a good way to spend a cold January afternoon... Just be careful not to activate your health care plan! Read More

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A Terrible Case of the Mondays Didn’t Help this Mud-Treading Camaro

Mondays aren't always bad. When they are, they're all kinds of bad. Just try to not park on the grass with your Camaro during a torrential downpour in Southern Tennessee. You'll thank us later. Read More