Top 10 Songs That Stop You From Downshifting – Numbers 10 and 9

Everyone has a list of t "best driving songs", but we go one better. We've picked the top ten songs that are most likely to get you a ticket. Check out these fast driving songs, starting with Numbers 10 and 9. Read More


Video: Check Out This 600 HP GMC Pickup Run Targa Newfoundland

Targa Newfoundland is an annual rally that takes place over seven days and covers 1,400 miles. 2014 was the first year that the event has seen a truck compete, though! Read More


Feature: Nathan Stinson’s X275 ’74 Chevrolet Nova

Tennessee native Nathan Stinson campaigns this Chevrolet Nova, which has been in the family since the 1980s and featuring power from a turbocharged small block, in the X275 ranks. Read More


COPO: More Than Just Performance

If you were to order a COPO car back-in-the-day, did that mean you were getting a performance car? Not necessarily, and if you're confused, we explain why right here. Read More


The Ultimate Chevrolet Collection

In the small town of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, we found just a sampling of what is possibly the largest collection of cars owned by one man. We checked it out, and now so can you. Read More

1969 Camaro 307 front

Project: Pro Touring 1969 Camaro Is Getting The Works

Smitty's Custom Auto is giving this once-unassuming 1969 Camaro the full G-Machine treatment, complete with a supercharged engine and a few other performance-increasing modifications. Read More


Getting Started With MSD’s DynaForce Starter

If your car or truck has ever had a problem with a hard-start situation, you probably need a new starter. We found That the Dyna Force starter from MSD can solve the problem, and we verify it right here. Read More


Bonneville Speed Week: No Salt For You! Come Back In One Year.

The Bonneville Speed Week has been cancelled for the second time in as many years, prompting the racing community to ask the question: "Where will future land speed records be set"? Read More


A Perfectly “Not-So-Perfect” 1964 Chevrolet C10 Custom

Eric Stein’s 1964 Chevrolet C10 is not considered a rat rod, and it’s more than just a project car. Regardless of what it is or isn’t, it’s hard not to instantly fall in love with this style of build. Read More


Rare 1969 L78 Chevelle Convertible For Sale

One of the rarest convertible musclecars from the era of great performance cars is being sold at the Mecum Harrisburg auction. Check out this L78 Chevelle Super Sport convertible here. Read More


1960 Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle Headed to Auction

It's widely considered to be the most important development vehicle ever created by General Motors, used to help design the '63 Stingray Corvette's suspension. And now it can be yours. Read More


Throwback Thursday: We’re Checking Out 1970

Throwback Thursday: We're taking a look back at 1970. A year when several Chevrolet cars got a redesign, available engines got shuffled, and two new models were introduced. Do you know what they were? Find out here. Read More


Alex Taylor’s 8-Second Pass In Twin Turbo 6.0 Liter V8 ’69 Camaro

At this year's Rocky Mountain Race Week, YouTube user 1320video speaks with the youngest competitor at the competition, Alex Taylor, who at only 18 years old drag races a twin turbo 6.0 liter V8 swapped 1969 Camaro. Read More


Video: Fully Functional 3D Model Of 5th Gen Camaro Made Of Legos

YouTube user springoff posts his own interpretation of the 5th gen Camaro in the form of this fully functional 3D model made of Legos. Check out all the features of this one-off car, including its five motors. Read More


Upgrades: Do They All Have To Be About Horsepower?

While some guys feel that a car's part only has to function, there are others who feel that good looks are a priority. Did you ever think that the two could work hand-in-hand? Check this out. Read More


Preview: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout–Updated!

The Coyote and LS3 are two of the key components of the reemerging musclecar era. They are separated by only a few horsepower in factory form-if we built budget versions of both, who would win? Inside are the rules. Read More


LS Engine Swap: Here Are The Install Parts You’ll Need

We all know that swapping an LS engine into a classic Chevy makes for a great upgrade, but do you know where to find the parts to physically bolt the engine in place? Check this out as we show you where to get them. Read More

NREls474 - 2

Dyno Video: NRE Big-inch LS Builds Torque The Natural Way

Nelson Racing Engine is squeezing 474 cubic inches out of the LS platform, and making a bunch of torque along the way without any boost. Find out how! Read More

1957 Chevy Bel Air Pro Mod

Video: Listen To This 1957 Chevy Pro Mod’s Screaming Supercharger

This 1957 Chevy Pro Mod has a screaming supercharger whose wail is unrivaled. What causes this sound? We're not sure, but sit down, turn up the volume, and put in a set of ear plugs. Read More


Video: 2015 Chevrolet SS – Ultimate Modern Sleeper?

Replacing the Pontiac G8 in the states, the 2015 Chevrolet SS is a modern sedan with a muscle attitude. But can it be considered a sleeper with its broad shouldered BMW-like fenders and its black open front grille? Read More