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Summit Racing Exhaust System Pro Pack for 1st-Gen F-Bodies

Your 1st-generation F-body can breathe easy when you add in one of Summit Racing's new Exhaust System Pro Packs. Geared toward LS-swapped '67-69 Camaros and Firebirds, this kit will make your musclecar sing. Read More

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The Uncommon 1957 Airbox/Fuelie Transformed the Corvette into a World Class Player

We examine the history behind the 1957 Corvette, a year that ended up being one of the most impactful models to ever grace the Corvette lineage. Read More


PaceSetter Long Tube Headers For 2014 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra

Want to bump up the performance of your 2014 Silverado or Sierra? Then check out these mandrel-bent long-tube headers from PaceSetter Performance Products. Read More


Ordering A Custom Driveshaft Is Strange-ly Easy

Time to put the power to the wheels! We order up a custom driveshaft from Strange Engineering inside! Read More


eBay Find: One Hot C7 That’s Ready For Battle

Currently for sale on eBay is the 1,000 rwhp Vengeance Racing C7 they dubbed "The Fastest Manual Transmission C7 in the World." This is your chance to buy some serious bragging rights! Read More


The Eaton Truetrac LSD and a Road-Raced Fifth Gen Camaro

Low traction situations are a thing of the past for our Camaro as we install one of Eaton's Truetrac helical-gear differentials. Check out the install details and get the skinny on the technology inside! Read More


10 Useful Engine & Shop Tools From ProForm

Right tool for the right job is common but faithful maxim often quoted when something goes wrong in the shop. Here are 10 tools from Profrom that keep the work flowing smooth and productive! Read More


ProCharger Variable Ratio i-1 Supercharger on Our Project 5th Gen

ProCharger's i-1 programmable-ratio supercharger technology is changing the performance industry with power on demand. We install one on our 5th Gen Camaro and head to the track. Read More


Chevrolet Offering Incredible Deals for Labor Day Sale

The final holiday of the summer is almost upon us and besides a three-day weekend for most, this means that you can score some great deals on that new Chevy you've been waiting to get your hands on! Read More


First “Best in Show” Car Returns to Edmonds Classic Car Show

Seasons come and go for show cars, and after a number of years, they're seen as old news. That is unless you revamp them or they're so significant in the industry that no one will ever forget them, like this Chevy! Read More


Video: Chevy Truck Jump Goes Wrong

When stock suspension, high speeds and a jump are all combined, the results usually end up bad. See what happens when this 1995 Chevy truck tries to jump! Read More

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Born On The Track – Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster Mufflers started out of need, a way to curb noise and increase horsepower. This video shows how they were born on the track, with some of their designs being used on Apache helicopters! Read More


LS Swap: Built Ford Tough With Chevy Stuff

This Mustang, dubbed "Project Bone Stock" is anything but stock. See what Chevy parts are hiding that makes this one 'Stang we would feel okay driving! Read More


Detroit Speed 2010+ Camaro V8 Engine Mount Kit

Reduce powertrain flex and improve vehicle performance with this sweet set of adjustable Fifth-Gen Camaro engine mounts from Detroit Speed. They're adjustable in two planes to improve performance. Read More

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Video: 17 Year Old Girl Crashes ’68 Chevelle

A 17 year old girl gets behind the wheel of a super fast 1968 Chevelle, only to crash it! See the full video inside. Read More

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Video: Introducing the 1966 Chevrolet Car Line-Up

Take a step back in time and watch this promotional video from 1966, showing off the latest Chevrolet line up and why they were better than Fords. Read More


The World Record Setting 1967 C2 Sting Ray L-88 Symbolizes the Holy Grail of Corvettes

The 1967 L-88 Corvette continues to be one of the most valuable and sought after Corvettes ever produced. We take a look at why it has been such an iconic piece of Corvette history. Read More

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Video: How About Some Trailblazer SS Donuts?

Check out these Trailblazer SS donuts - not the smartest place to do them, but they're smokey, that's for sure. Read More

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Video: Chevy Intern Uses C7 PDR to Film Ice Bucket Challenge

Check out how Chevrolet PR intern, Courtney Moats, films her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination! Creative, indeed. Read More


A Good Imagination And A Pile Of Junk – James Corbett Art

No matter how many times we see the impressive work of James Corbett, we are left wanting more. Check out his unique sculptures here. Read More