March Performance Releases New SBC Monster 8-Rib Serpentine System

March Performance's new SBC Long Water Pump Monster 8-rib Sepentine Pulley and Bracket Kit provides maximum belt coverage to eliminate belt throwing and improve charging and cooling. Check it out here! Read More

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Looking Back At Jim Hall’s Chaparral Racing Camaro

In 1970, the burgeoning Trans-Am series of racing was a way for manufacturers to test their cars in competition. Chevrolet had three cars they used, but only one survived. Check out Jim Hall's Racing Camaro. Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin

Taking time out of her busy schedule, we were able to chat with the stunning and witty Dani Medin. Click here to learn more about Dani, which stretches from her lifestyle to what makes her day. Read More


Choose Your Quadrajet: Number Identification Guide

When doing a restoration, choosing to use the correct parts can mean doing it correctly, not just getting it done. The Quadrajet carburetor has been used for decades, and we show you how to identify each variation. Read More


Add Your LS-Powered Vehicle To MSD’s Facebook Page

LS power is fitted to all kinds of great cars on MSD's Facebook page. Take a look and you will see Chevelles, Novas, several trucks and even a '69 Barracuda sure to throw a wrench into the minds of the Mopar guys. Read More


Make Your Home-Built Hero An Internet Star

Is your car a Home-Built Hero? Are you proud of what you have built? If so, we want to hear about it. Read on to find out how easy it is to make your classic ride Internet famous. What are you waiting for? Read More


Barn Find: A 1941 Chevy Business Coupe On Its Last Legs

Sitting in a barn for over 50 years, this rusty old relic needs a few things done to bring it back to glory. Click here to check out this steel 1941 Chevy Business Coupe that is a steal. Read More


Tested: Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 on our Project C5 Corvette

The Maximizer 4 from Nitrous Express is a sophisticated way to turn your nitrous system from a blunt object into a scalpel. We install it at the shop, then test it at the strip as well as delve into the technology. Read More


This ’61 Impala Helped Len Evans Capture His Dream

It took Len Evans 40 years to finally get the car of his dreams. This '61 bubbletop Impala is the perfect realization of good things come to those who wait. Check out this phenomenally-cool cruiser. Read More


Award-Winning 1969 Yenko Camaro To Cross Mecum Auction Block

Yenko Camaros are even rarer than Shelby Mustangs, and this 1969 rendition is arguably the ultimate version of GM's Shelby fighter. Read More


Video: Testing The 2016 Camaro By Driving Off A Dock

GM needs to prove that the 2016 Chevy Camaro is a superior muscle car, and to do so they've enlisted a stunt driver, a runway and the ocean. Read More

Classic Industries - Door Latches- High Res

Classic Industries Offers Improved Security For Chevy Rides

New from Classic Industries – door latches and strikers for Tri-Fives, Impalas, and more. Developed by OER, these units restore successful door-closing operation to these classic Bowtie machines. Check 'em out! Read More


Project MaxStreet: 1966 Chevy II/ Nova Build Update

MaxStreet is the name given to our 1966 Chevy II/Nova for the simple reason that it's going to be built for maximum street presence. Follow along with our build progress here to keep you up to date with the build. Read More


Taking The Guesswork Out With Fuel Injector Clinic

We spoke with the experts at Fuel Injector Clinic about the most common questions for replacing and upgrading fuel injectors. FIC's Jens Van Holten takes the speculation out of fuel system modifications. Read More


Tech: Choosing The Proper Bearings For Your Engine

If you are planning to rebuild the engine in your ride, are you sure you know which engine bearings you need? We get some insight from King Bearings to help you make an informed decision. Now, get building! Read More


Racing Icon Roger Penske To Pilot Pace Car For 100th Indy 500

Celebrating its 100th annual race, the Indianapolis 500 is already heating things up by announcing legendary Roger Penske as the pace car driver. He'll be driving a very special Chevy. Check it out. Read More


Thompson Performance: Simple Bolt-On Proves Better Throttle Response

If you want the most out of your carburetor and the most out of your dollar, then the Thompson Performance Powerblast Plate is for you. Check out how this small, simple, part offers huge gains in throttle response. Read More


2016 Camaro Owner Gets 171 MPH Speeding Ticket

A Minnesota man driving a 2016 Camaro SS was pulled over doing 171 MPH, apparently in a bid to impress his female passenger. Bad move, kemosabe. Read More


eBay Find: A Basically New 4th-Gen 2001 Camaro SS

While the 5th- and all-new 6th-gen Camaros are clearly technological marvels, we still have a big soft spot for these 4th-gen cars that kept the Camaro (and Firebird) flame alive for a full 10 years. Read More


The Greats of Chevrolet Before They Were Famous: Dick Harrell

Known as Mr. Chevrolet, Dick Harrell will forever be known for his prowess behind the wheel of a number of high-performance Chevy models, especially on the drag racing circuit. But how did he get there? Read More