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ASR Performance: A Tour of NorCal’s Progressive Hot Rod Shop

Located in Grass Valley, California, ASR Performance & Customs has been dubbed “Northern California's progressive hot rod shop,” and for good reason. Check out this impressive shop inside.Read More


Rad Rides on Display at G3 Rods Open House

An open house at G3 Rods in Rapid City, South Dakota, drew dozens of tricked-out vehicles and helped contribute $12,000 to local children's home. Read More

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Inside Look: The Amazing GM Powertrain Center’s Race Program

Three race engines blow up within 25 laps. Why? A look inside the new GM Powertrain race center that has the equipment and manpower to find the answers.Read More


Washington’s Hidden Classic Car Wrecking Yard

Have you ever found a classic Chevy in a field somewhere or hidden in the woods? We found more than a hundred in a remote part of Northwest Washington state. It's an amazing place with a cool story behind it.Read More


The New Petersen Automotive Museum Look: Simply Wow

The Petersen Automotive Museum reopened to the public with a world class collection of cars displayed in a modern facility that makes southern Californians proud of their car heritage. See more here.Read More


Shop Tour: Currie Enterprises

We had a chance to stop by Currie Enterprises shop located in Corona, California and see first hand what it takes to build some of the toughest axles and housings on the market.Read More


UMI Performance Shop Tour: How Suspension Parts Are Built

From CAD/CAM and product development through production, we tour UMI Performance to see how they build their musclecar suspension systems.Read More


Corvette Craft: The Story Behind GTS Customs

Greg Thurmond, of GTS Customs in Simi Valley, California, is a strong believer in slow and steady work. His everyday business consists of fixing up old Corvettes, and they come out looking anything but normal.Read More


Concept One: Necessity Was The Mother Of Invention For Redd Brothers

For some of us, finding the right part means scouring the wrecking yards until we hit the jackpot. For Kevin and Randy Redd, they put their degrees together and created the parts they needed and created Concept One.Read More


Video Tour: Total Cost Involved Engineering Celebrating Forty Years

Total Cost Involved Engineering manufactures hot rod and musclecar components that can be found on some of the sickest rides, from autocross to Pro-Street. They celebrate 40 years in the business this year.Read More


Shop Tour: Aerospace Components’ Florida Headquarters

Join us as we take a guided tour of Aerospace Components' Florida manufacturing facility, where their industry-renowned brake systems, vacuum pumps, and other components are made.Read More


Shop Tour: We Visit 401k Club For Their Monthly Open Garage/Car Show

It's car show and cruise night season, and last weekend we visited The 401k Club Hot Rod Shop in Anaheim for their monthly Open Garage/Car Show and saw some pretty cool projects in progress.Read More


Hows It’s Made: Spark Plugs

Watch as the Science Channel's "How It's Made," shows how spark plugs are manufactured. The process is quite shocking! Read More


Revving Up Auto Meter Gauges: An Inside Look At How They Are Made

Exactly how does the little red needle move towards the redline? There is more to a gauge than you might think. We explore the different styles and options available inside! Read More


Getting An LS Engine Wired With Howell EFI

Are you thinking about swapping an LS motor into your classic? Or doing any sort of GM motor swaps? Check out everything that you'll need to know and how Howell EFI has got you covered! Read More


Shop Tour: See How Probe Industries Manufactures Its Premium Pistons

Follow along and see how Probe Industries manufactures pistons in its Torrance, California, facility. The company offers two series of pistons, and both are fully machined to meet most engine builders' needs. Read More

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