When your classic ride is running an EFI conversion, upgrading the distributor for more precise spark timing or to handle higher engine speeds can be a little intimidating for some. Understandably, some do-it-yourself types can get a little nervous with various aspect of the install, like recalibrating the EFI software to send the proper commands to the new unit, or even phasing the pickups.

Holley recently posted a how-to video featuring the company’s technical training manager, Tom Kise. In the video, Kise covers the entire installation process from start to finish using one of Holley’s EFI Dual Sync distributors on a small-block Chevy. 

Setting Up The Software

Setting up the software to properly communicate with your EFI distributor might actually be the easiest part of the job. Under the ‘Ignition Parameters’ sub-menu, the ignition type will need to be set to custom, and after clicking configure you will be given a series of drop down menus that will be used to calibrate the ECU to correctly decipher the crank sensor, cam sensor, and output signals of your new dual sync distributor.

Once you’ve configured your new ignition settings, remember to select ‘Send To ECU’ and follow the directions on the screen to write your new settings to the car’s computer.

Kise’s recommended settings for Holley’s Dual Sync distributor.