Lunati’s Great Cam Giveaway First Round of Winners Announced!

It’s been just over a week and we can’t believe how quickly it’s already gone by! We were swarmed with hundreds of entries, many of you building some seriously cool project cars. Of course, some of you knuckleheads are building some really bizarre projects, like a stroker 302 Ford in a ’58 Nash Metropolitan, but hey man, whatever floats your boat, right? Nonetheless, we’re really excited with the flood of entries we’ve gotten thus far, and have sifted through all the good, bad and ugly to give you the first round of winners for Lunati‘s Great Cam Giveaway!

As you might know, each of the ever-vigilant powerTV editors invited all of their readers to enter into the Great Cam Giveaway, where for the first week of the 90-day contest, we would all select winners from our magazines: Street Legal TV, Chevy Hardcore, StangTV, LSXTV, OneDirt, and Dragzine. As we said, we had a metric ton of submissions, but we picked our first round of winners for their story, the coolness of their build and how many likes they were able to get.

Without further ado, here are your first round winners!

Street Legal TV

Meet Brad Huffine. Seventeen-year-old Brad is resto-modding a pretty cool first car, a ’46 Chevy pickup. The stepside was a gift for his 8th grade graduation and is nearing completion, save for the ever-so-plentiful 350 SBC that he’s looking to make into a 383 stroker motor backed with a manual 4-speed.

Brad tugged on our heartstrings with his plea, “I am pretty much the only kid at my school that likes to work on old cars. I work at McDonalds and only get about 10-12 hours a week, so my budget is limited.” Yeah, we can imagine mopping the floors and cleaning the grease traps at the local Mickey D’s would be pretty unrewarding, and since Brad is restoring the ’46 himself, we’d like to grant his wish for a mechanical roller-tappet Lunati cam grind (PT#501C2LUN).


OneDirt’s cam winner – Chris Jacks – was equally as compelling. Chris is a driver and owner of his own Street Stock Class racer, so everything – and we mean everything– come out of pocket. And since racing Street Stock is a pretty hard class to compete in with no help, especially when he’s the only one turning the wrenches, we thought we’d throw him a bone. Chris wrote, “I’ve been out of the driver’s seat for four-to-five years,” continuing by “just trying to get my new ride together, and make it out there this season any help is greatly appreciated.” Well, we appreciate your gratitude and think a Lunati (PT#401A9LUN) Oval Solid Cam for a Chevrolet Small Block will suit you fine.

Chevy Hardcore

Tristan DeCroix wanted to enter into the fray with his “real budget” small block Chevy for his ’85 S10 pickup. Tristan wrote, “I have seen lots of magazine articles about ‘budget builds’ but they all seem to cost $3-to-5 grand. I’m trying to keep mine under $2,000.”

The nice thing is that Tristan isn’t sitting on his laurels waiting for things to happen either, as he’s been finding cheap parts for this build along the way, totaling $900 for the truck and motor. Tristan hopes to have the truck done by the end of June because he looks to have the S10 in the St. Ignace Car Show. The Voodoo hydraulic cam for a Chevrolet small block (PT#60103) is the cam he would like, and it’s the cam he’s gonna get!


We can’t sum up Travis Murphy’s better than he can, so here you go: “After going through a divorce last year, I came really close to selling my prized 2000 Camaro Z28 to pay off some bills as well as have money for a place of my own.

“This was my plan until I met my amazing girlfriend. She reminded me of how much my Camaro actually means to me and how much I would miss cruising with my dad on the weekends. He has a 2000 Camaro SS, so the Camaros are one of our few bonding things we do together.

“She also made me realize that I’m not alone and that I need to keep it and enjoy it. Since than, I have found a new love for my Camaro and am now planning on fixing it up the way I always have been wanting to. Of course, starting a new life and trying to safe for a house puts a limit on what I can spend on my Camaro, so it would be nice to win this cam and maybe than I could keep up with my Dad on the weekends. My car is more than that to me, its a passion my father and I both share and are able to do things together with and bring us closer.

If we could, we would personally hand Travis his brand-new LS1 Street Strip hydraulic roller (PT#55004LUN).


Dylan Anderson is similar to a couple other stories we got, he’s a young guy building a father-and-son project whose a little low on funds. But hey, didn’t we all? This Mustang though, is Dylan’s very first project car. An ’86 Mustang with a ’69 351 Windsor, the ‘Stang is a bit of an odd-duck, but a cool one nonetheless.

Dylan and his father have been working on this car for close to two years and in the final stages of completion. So far, the Windsor is bored over .30 and still touts the factory heads and camshaft, something which desperately needs upgrading. Since we’re big proponents of supporting fathers-and-sons building cars together, we’re going to grant your wish and award you a Voodoo hydraulic cam for your Windor (PT#61001).


Andrew S. Nash had yet another story that was so good, we didn’t want to screw it up: “I have a ’01 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. During my year long deployment to Afghanistan (2010 to 2011), I had big plans for it. Unfortunately my family back home had been having some financial trouble so instead of building my Trans Am, I helped them out. Not to be discouraged, I saved as much as I could while still paying bills. When I got home, I still had some plans and the funds to do so.

“After arriving back home in North Carolina, I was welcomed to a notice that it had been towed and sat in a impound lot for two and a half weeks, racking up quite a bill. After paying to get my car back and fixing other issues, I no longer had the funds to do anything to it.

“Still keeping my head high, I decided that I would work on it slowly over time. Unfortunately, it is turning out to be VERY slowly over time. I have since been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and I am attending a local college for auto collision repair. With being in school and still having bills to pay, saving for parts has become very difficult.

“I have gathered parts here and there only to run into other problems. I recently removed my transmission for a shift kit. But after inspecting it, we discovered that it was in need of a rebuild. So there is another speed bump!” Because Andrew has not only served our country honorably, but helped his family along the way, we could think of no person more deserving of a new Street Strip hydraulic roller cam  (PN#55007LUN)!

Jealous? Don’t Be! Here’s Your Chance To Win Too!

The Lunati/powerTV “Great Cam Giveaway” is still going strong! This massive three-month-long contest is giving away 30 camshafts over the next 90 days, so you’ve got plenty of time to enter to win!

All you need to do is go to StangTV’s Facebook page or Lunati’s Facebook Page and write why YOU deserve to win a Lunati cam, and what camshaft YOU want.

To find out what camshaft you want, you can can call Lunati at (662) 892-1500, you can send them an e-mail via their contact form here, or you can search through their online catalog. Heck, if your engine requires (2) camshafts – then Lunati will supply both cams! You just gotta remember to include a part number or grind number to tell Lunati what you want or your entry won’t be accepted.

Oh yeah, make sure to get your friends to LIKE your entry. The more likes your entry has, the stronger it will be considered.

At the end of next week, StangTV’s editor will evaluate your story, and how many other people like your entry, and then will pick a winner. StangTV will pick the submission that not only tells the best reason why they deserve to win but which post has also has the most “Likes.” The more popular the post, the better the chance of your winning! So if you want to increase your chances of winning each week, get your friends and family to “Like” your post by joining our Facebook page and have them show your support!

Of course, you can always find the open contests through Lunati’s Facebook page too – this will be a SHARED link to the contest on the powerTV Facebook page. Make sure you post inside the Contest link! Either way, every submission MUST include a Lunati part number to be a valid entry.

And just like this post, the winner from each week will also be featured in a special news feature!

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