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Video: Police Errors And False Arrest, Senior Citizens Humiliated

Imagine your parents being pulled over at gunpoint and arrested for stealing their own car. Crazy? That’s what happened to this Washington couple on a road trip through Nevada. Now, they’re rightfully suing the NHP.

Video: Dave Ver Schave’s Schwinn Bicycle Themed ’55 Chevy

What do you get when you mashup a vintage Schwinn bicycle with a 1955 Chevy gasser? Dave Ver Schave ended up with the “Orange Krate” gasser that was captured at the Holley NHRA Hot Rod Reunion.

Video: Camaro Ownership Changes Life Path

Martin picked up this Camaro when he was 16-years-old. Growing older together, the pair have been through a lot of changes in life and appearance. Martin explains how his life’s path was changed by Lucy the Camaro.

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Hardcore Testing: 4th Gen Camaro With A TCI Bolt-Together Converter

When we heard about TCI Automotive’s new lockup, bolt-together torque converter for the 4L60E transmissions, we knew that it was going to make faster times at the track. We did some testing to find out how much.

David Freiburger F-Bomb Camaro 406
Video: The F-Bomb Camaro Rides Again As An 8 Second Daily Driver?

Making the morning commute in an 8 second daily driver is every drag racers dream. However is this possible? Hot Rod Magazines David Freiburger and Nelson Racing Engines modified the F-Bomb Camaro to find out.

Summit Racing’s Car Feature: SBC-Powered Maxed Out 1962 VW Microbus

Summit Racing is likely on just about any gearhead’s speed dial, and they regularly do car features that show up in their regular catalogs. We checked out their blog, “On All Cylinders” and found this cool microbus.

The 2015 Corvette Z06: Is it Enough?

The C7 Z06 is being asked to carry the mantle of both track toy and supercar – does the latest, greatest Chevy have shoulders broad enough for the task?

Video: Cruising In A Mini Chevrolet Custom 10 With Chaotic Customs

Very few of our dads had the kind of creativity that we have with our kids. From wagons to strollers to Power Wheels, kids these days have some pretty cool rides these days. Then there’s this kid with his own C10.

Video: Drifting Like A Pro In C7 Power Wheels – And She’s Only Three

Watch out, Mary Pozzi – there’s a three-year-old who’s taking lessons from dad and she’s starting to show off some mad skills in her hopped up C7 Power Wheels! Check out the drifting maneuvers this cute kid has.

Video: A Supercharged Sleigh Ride That Gearhead Santa Would Approve

When most gearheads park their hot rods and musclecars for the winter, the Lindberg brothers take out the Snow Monster that their father built and hit the snowy streets of Sweden. We think Santa would approve!

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