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Video: Affordable EFI Conversions For The Street And For The Track

EFI has always been an expensive conversion, whether it’s a factory-style conversion or an aftermarket throttle body conversion. FiTech offers an affordable solution with kits starting under $1000 to convert to EFI.

SEMA 2015: Tri-Flow Radiators and Line Flaring Tools From Eastwood

When it comes to putting specialized tools in the hands of DIY automotive enthusiasts Eastwood has provided affordable tools to these builders, but no one expected Eastwood to offer high performance parts until now.

SEMA 2015: Supercharge Your Modern Muscle With ProCharger

ProCharger has unveiled their latest supercharger systems for the ’15 C7 Z06 Corvette and the ’15 Mustang GT at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow along as we bring you the details from ProCharger.

Video: John Hennessey Tests Camaro Z28 HPE650, Triggers OnStar Call

OnStar is GM’s vaunted safety device, but even it can be fooled by a John Hennessey-tuned Chevy Camaro Z28 with the HPE650 package. Watch what happens when Hennessey hits the brakes after a pass at the strip.

Video: View From Inside The 600 Horsepower Pratt & Miller Camaro

Hop on board the Brown-Baljet Racing Camaro with racer and drifter Brodgy Goble as he laps Washington’s Ridge Motorsports Park.

Upping the Boost on a Fifth Gen Camaro with Turbonetics

Turbonetics really has a great thing going with their 50-state legal 2010-2012 Camaro turbo kit, and the Stage 2 version that takes power to the next level.

2016 Camaro Hot Laps At Michigan International Raceway

We’re anxiously awaiting our chance to get behind the wheel of a new Camaro for some driving and evaluation. Until that time arrives, we’ll have to make due videos like this one that show the car hot lapping.

Is GM Testing Specialty Camaros In Plain Site At Nurburgring?

GM is nearly ready to launch the 2016 Camaro, but spy cameras caught a brand new Camaro SS out testing with an older Z28. What does it mean for Chevy fans?

Video: A Sweet 1959 Chevy Pickup That Makes Green Look Good

Spotted at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, Scottie D found this good looking custom truck. Splashed with two tones of green, check out this ’59 Chevy pickup that had us doing a double-take for its meticulous details.

2017 Camaro ZL1 (Z28? 1LE?) Seen Testing On The Nürburgring

GM has returned to the ‘Ring with a camouflaged Camaro, and it’s anybody’s guess as to what they’re testing. ZL1? Z28? 1LE? Nobody knows, one thing is for certain this thing is bad.

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