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2014 CAMARO: Project True SStreet

We here at Chevy Hardcore enjoy spending a weekend at the races. The smell of burning race fuel, the thrill of watching cars fly down the 1/4-mile; the excitement gets our blood pumping. But, sitting in the bleachers is getting a little boring. We are tired of watching the races, so we have decided to get ourselves involved. For that reason, we have acquired a new project car to use as the foundation to build our racer. We located a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS that was a theft recovery. That means we got it at an auction, and it was relatively cheap.

Building a race car can be done one of two ways, it can be a stripped-down dedicated racer, or a street car that can also do duty on the track. We decided to build our Camaro Super Sport so we can drive to the drag strip, blast down the 1/4-mile, and then drive it back home. We have always liked the principles of the NMCA True Street class, so building a car to fit those parameters is what we will do. That’s also how we came up with the project name, Project True SStreet. Since the car is an SS, and we plan to race in the True Street class, it makes sense. We’re turning this heap of leftover metal into an 8- to 9-second, street-driven Camaro that will not only compete at the track, but afford us the opportunity to drive it to and from the events.

Project Specs

Engine: A Killer Chevrolet Performance LSX376-B15

Transmission: Hughes Performance Powerglide

Suspension: AFCO front struts, JRI rear shocks, Moser control arms, Panhard bar and Torque Arm

Safety: Rhodes Race Cars Rollcage and Window net

Rear End: Moser solid-axle conversion

Wheels/Tires: Weld/Mickey Thompson

Brakes: Aerospace Components

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