Introducing Project Triple G

Triple G

If there is one thing certain around Chevy Hardcore central, it’s that we have always been fans of Chevrolet’s C10 pickup. Now that the rest of the world is learning about the virtues and capabilities of these little haulers, their popularity has seen a dramatic explosion of interest.


It doesn’t look like much now, but it will make a great base for the project.

Lloyd Hunt is one of the guys at the office who has always had an affinity for the Chevy C10, but it wasn’t until recently that he was able to justify getting a project of his own. Lloyd is one of the Publishers at Power Automedia, and because of that, he has this notion that he has some say about what goes on around here. Since us guys in editorial also love these trucks, when he “suggested” that we build this one, we decided to let him think he was a visionary and that he came up with a good idea all by himself.


It could be worse.

But before we were going to start turning any wrenches, we asked why? Why this truck, and he told us, “I have always loved C10s. When I was growing up, my dad and Grandpa always had them. When I was a lot younger, I would go to my Grandpas farm in Arp, Texas, during the summer and help bale hay. I actually learned to drive in his ’73 C10, so I have a special place in my heart for this year truck.” Okay, Lloyd pulled on our heartstrings, so we were definitely up for taking on this project.

But before we could get started, we needed a plan. There is no way we can build a bone-stock pickup, that wouldn’t be Chevy Hardcore’s style. So we decided that we would build a one-of-a-kind truck. According to Lloyd, “I want something that I can hold onto for many years, but I also don’t want a trailer queen. I plan on going to autocross events, local shows, the dragstrip, or wherever it will take me. Mostly though, it will be my date night with the wife vehicle – albeit a badass date night vehicle. Another hope of mine is that it will be something to help strengthen the automotive passion in my kids.”


The engine needs a lot of help, and we have big plans for the underhood area.

Lloyd found this truck sitting in a field where it had been parked for several years, and he had a smile on his face as he told us, “Finding this one for the price and because of the general shape it was in, I couldn’t pass it up. When I first got it home, my daughter and I ran down to the parts store, bought some spark plugs and new fluids. After installing the plugs – and a battery, it started.”


What we have planned for the build might seem a little daunting, but like all large projects, if you set up an attainable plan of attack, keep reasonable expectations, and make sure you stay on course with your final vision, the end result will be something that you can not only be proud of, but will hopefully be around long enough for you, and then your kids to also enjoy.


What we plan the end result to look like.

So sit back and get ready to follow along as we build Project Triple G – a Chevy pickup that will accelerate like a racecar, stop like it’s nobody’s business, and corner like it’s on rails.

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