Project Respect


Project Respect: Restoring Comfort And Class With Classic Industries

As the saying goes, it's what's inside that counts. Classic Industries helps us manifest this idea as we tackle upgrading the seats, carpet, headliner, and more, in Project Respect. See how it all comes together.Read More

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Turn And Go: Rebuild Your Car’s Steering System At Home

Is the worn steering in your classic Chevy allowing your car to wander all over the road? The repair is straightforward, and can be accomplished at home with simple hand tools. Find out how, right here.Read More


Project Respect: Classic Industries’ Camaro Dash Panel Upgrade

Still looking for respect, our third-generation Camaro starts upgrading the interior with a modern dash panel from Classic Industries, complete with gauges from Auto Meter. See the installation here. Read More


Project Respect: Our 3rd Gen Camaro Goes On ‘Roids With A New Engine

Project Respect was hurting under the hood, and it wasn't living up to its potential. We turned to Tri Star for a Dart SHP build that put this Camaro back on the road earning the respect it deserves with over 500HP.Read More


Project Respect Update: Raising Respectability With Baer Brakes

We move the bar of respectability up a few notches with our latest upgrades on our Project Car Respect. The addition of Baer Brakes and QA1 Motorsports struts that get some stopping power to the ground get us ready for the monster motor we plan on installing. Check out the latest on Respect here.Read More


Project Respect: We Get Planted With A Spohn Performance Torque Arm

Our 3rd Gen Camaro project car gets the performance suspension treatment with upgrades from Spohn Performance, QA1 Shocks and Eibach Springs. Read More


Getting Respect With A TCI 700R4 Super Streetfighter Transmission

We decided to put some R-E-S-P-E-C-T back into our project car, a third generation F-body Camaro, that we have dubbed Project Respect. We opted to upgrade the 700R4 stock transmission with a heavy-duty TCI Super Streetfighter 700R4 transmission package. Read More


Project Respect Update: The Wheels of Respect Go Round and Round

In our quest to bring some props to the oft maligned third-gen F-Body Camaros, we have begun upgrading our project car with an all new set of hoops from Weld Racing. This update includes the RT-S wheels as well as upgrades to the new tires with Toyo.Read More


Project Respect Gets a Respectable Moser 12-Bolt Upgrade

Our project car gets an upgraded rearend with Moser Engineering's Built-to-Order 12-bolt rearend kit along with some much needed suspension from Spohn, Eibach, and QA1. Read on to find out how we completed the install and what's invovled when getting your third-gen ready for the canyons...Read More


Project Respect: Bringing Respect Back To The Third Generation

With a paltry $1,500 budget, we picked up this stellar '91 Camaro RS. It proves affordable project cars are still available. We even put it on the dyno and took it to the track for baseline numbers. Read on to find out what we plan to do with our new project car, what's in store, and what to expect!Read More


Spohn Performance Compares F-body Torque Arms

According to the guys over at Spohn Performance - who specialize in everything suspension for virtually everything domestic - one of their more frequently asked questions is "whats the difference between the standard crossmember mounted torque arm and your Pro-Series crossmember mounted torque arm?"Read More


Project Respect

Welcome to the new Street Legal TV project – “No Bucks.” While you’ve seen a lot of cars go through our shop and get the ‘money is no object’ treatment, we realize that in the real world, making something from (almost) nothing is the rule. In keeping with that budget build philosophy, the goal of this project was for each and every phase, including the purchase of the car, to cost no more than $1,500.Read More


Project Respect – Ultimate Chassis Renovation

In previous installments, this 1991 Camaro, known as "Project No Bucks" has been treated to exhaust and tire upgrades as well as a 75-shot nitrous install and some ignition goodies. Now its time to update the two decade-old underpinnings of this F-body runner and improve on the archaic suspension pieces with some help from Spohn Performance and Lakewood.Read More


Picking up Big Power by Swapping Shorties to Hooker Darkside Long Tube Headers

Since we had a chance to swap out a set of shorty Hooker headers on our Project “Respect” Camaro in favor of Hooker’s new Darkside ceramic coated long tube headers, we thought it would be a good opportunity to see if our preconceived ideas about long tubes and coatings were correct or not. Read More


Respect: $1,500 in Upgrades, +100 rwhp

Since 1990, our trusty V8 305 Camaro has been true to form: Lots of promise, little delivery. 305 cubic inches, and slow as sin. Stacked against it's then competition and bitter rival - the mustang 5.0 with 302 cubic inches, it was almost laughable. Our Camaro had 3 more cubic inches and was 3 seconds slower. Read More