Project Grandma


Installing TRZ Drop Spindles and Aerospace Brakes On Our G-Body

After a brief hiatus, we've turned our attention back to Project Grandma with the installation of new spindles and steering arms from TRZ Motorsports and brakes from Aerospace Components for a return to the street after a tour of duty on the strip. Read More


Day 21: Grant Steering Wheel Install

One of the final things we had to do to Grandma before taking her out on her maiden voyage, was set up the steering. In an earlier blog we showed you how we mounted our steering rack, now we are going to finish the story and explain the rest of the steering system - starting with the column.Read More


Edelbrock’s 555 Gets Nitrous’d & Dyno’d

Ok, here’s the rub. This haul-ass crate engine is going into our Project Grandma build car. Grandma is a 1978 Chevy Malibu that came stock with 3.8 liters of V6 power producing an anemic 105 horses. It was a real "get you to the church on Sunday” car, but not fear-inspiring in anyone’s book. Read More


Old Granny Gets Her Cage

Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, no we didn't buy a coffin for Grandma. But she is going to be stiff real soon! We've been waiting to get our '78 Malibu over to the chassis shop so we can get her 555 Musi engine installed shortly.Read More


Project Grandma Gets a New Fuel System

Project Grandma started out as a plain-Jane, refrigerator white, underpowered, smog-strangled ’78 Malibu that was in desperate need of attention. After we got our hands on her, she was fitted out with a 25.5 roll cage and an asphalt-tattooing Edelbrock/Musi 555 cubic inch engine. Read More

Picture 24

Welcome to Grandma

The first video in our Project Build of Project Grandma, our POS '78 Malibu which is destined for greatness. We're building a street racer type with Grandma, so don't take her ugly exterior the wrong way, we're looking for a 9-second car with a stock innocent look.Read More

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Stripping our Grandma

Project Grandma got serious in this episode where we removed the stock V6 engine from the '78 Malibu and got everything prepped for our big block engine. Read More


Santa brought my Grandma an Edelbrock/Musi 555

Santa Claus comes to SoCal with a Big Inch Beast of a gift for Grandma. Our Edelbrock/Pat Musi five-fifty-five crate engine arrived today from Musi’s New Jersey assembly plant.Read More


Edelbrock/Musi 555ci Engine Build for Grandma: Part I

Since Edelbrock and Pat Musi have joined forces to build this 555ci crate, which makes 675+ hp on pump gas and is just itching for a dose of Edelbrock Nitrous, we decided to work together with these two industry legends on this multi-part project. Read More

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Grandma Gets Drained…

We decided to have a little fun with granny before the build begins, so we pulled the fluids out of her, started her up and took bets on how long she would last. Check it out...!! Read More


Grandma’s Joint Replacement

Our old grandma was a little weak in the in the hip, so it was decided to replace the body bushings. Something that would stand up to the abuse that this car is going to be receiving. Something like Energy Suspension’s Hyperflex BushingsRead More


Edelbrock/Musi 555ci Engine Build, Part II

In part one of this three article series, we looked at our bad ass Edelbrock/Musi five-fifty-five big block crate engine destined for our project car that we lovingly call "Grandma."Read More


Day 1 Thrash: Getting Malibu Ready for the Cage

Today marked the first day toward the chassis fabrication of Project Grandma. We all have been longing to see our old gal come together, but there were a few things holding us back. Today, we ripped out the rear end, and now we are fully ready for our Chassis Engineering chrome moly roll cage, mini-tubs and chassis goodies. Read More


Day 2: Prepping for Mini Tubs

Today we have an update on Project Grandma as Mike Ryan gets our '78 Malibu ready for our Chassis Engineering Mini-tubs, and then the 25.5 Roll Cage. We're starting with a Chassis Engineering chrome moly cage kit and then adding the bars necessary for the SFI 25.5 spec. Read More


Day 3: Notching Grandma’s Frame Rails

The next stage of the Mini-tub process on Project Grandma focuses on the frame rails. With the larger 295/65 M/T Drag Radial tires we would need to create more room in the wheel wells between the frame rail and quarter panel, so we did a little cutting and welding.Read More


Day 4: Re-notching Grandma’s Frame Rails

We left off last year with Grandma's frame notching for tire clearance. The problem was that by notching and rewelding the frame rails narrower - we didn't leave enough room for the 295/65 M/T ET Drag Radials to fit up into the wheel well. Thankfully our friends at Yellow Bullet were there to help us figure it out.Read More

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