Project Blueprint Chevelle


Project BluePrint Chevelle Build Thread Update

Want to keep track of all that’s going on with our Chevy Hardcore project '64 Chevelle build? From the 600HP BluePrint Engine LS powerplant to the complete front-to-rear Ridetech coilover suspension system and Gearstar Performance overdrive transmission, we've got the entire build thread right here!Read More


Signed, Sealed and Delivered: BluePrint Gets a New Lease on Life

Our Project BluePrint Chevelle has made it through yet another series of modifications, upgrades and tests and we couldn't be happier. Not only did we upgrade our car's power and performance by strapping a BluePrint carbureted LSX powerhouse between the front fenders, we also topped her off with many more extras!Read More

LS Engine Shoot in R&D 065

Tech Review: BluePrint Engines 427 LSX Crate In Project BluePrint

When it comes to building anything substantial, having a blueprint is a vital part of the process. After all, you wouldn’t build a house without an exact plan, would you? Well, the same goes for building cars, and for our 1964 Chevelle we have the ultimate blueprint- a 427ci LS engine from BluePrint Engines. Read More


Project BluePrint Chevelle: Swapping An LSX Into An A-body Chevelle

For the last several months, we’ve been teasing about our ultimate Chevy project car receiving its very special LSX engine from our friends at BluePrint Engines. Luckily, the 1964 Chevelle, appropriately named Project BluePrint, is now finally ready for the process we’ve all been waiting for - check it out!Read More


Tech Feature: Holley Ultra HP Carburetors

Holley's new Ultra HP carburetors have over 30 changes from the original 4150 HP line, and are sold as ready to race out of the box. Join us as we test out the Ultra HP 850 and Ultra HP 950 on our Project Blueprint Chevelle. Read More


Dakota Digital VHX System Facelift – Modernizing The Interior

Dakota Digital's Vehicle Hybrid Instrument System (VHX) represents the latest electronic dashboard with the ultimate in driver information. No doubt, there's a surplus of options at your fingertips to keep an eye on engine stats. But what if you could get most of what you needed in one easy-to-read display?Read More


Project BluePrint Seeing Stars With New Gearstar 4L65E Install

No matter your vice, whether it’s pro-touring, cruising or just killer looks you're after, there is one thing that’s a must to get however much power you have to those rear tires and that’s a hardy transmission. Gearstar Performance Transmission Level 4 4L65E overdrive is sending us in the right direction!Read More


Project BluePrint: Can It Handle What We Throw It At?

It's one thing to go fast, but it takes more than horsepower to get around the corners. We install Ridetech's suspension, Stainless Steel Brake system to make it handle as good as it looks. We also throw in a sticky set of Continental rubber on all four corners for a smooth ride and unparalleled adhesion.Read More


BluePrint Chevelle Gets New LS Engine Performance Extras

Doing a full-blown engine swap is a daunting task, right? Well, with some planning, patience and proper components, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we just did a crate engine swap on our Project BluePrint Chevelle and in one fell-swoop, we took the classic GM A-Body from an old-school big block to a modern LS.Read More


Billet Specialties Wheels Adds Stance To Project BluePrint Chevelle

So far we’ve planned out our Project BluePrint Chevelle to take on a beastly pro-touring persona, but before we can get too crazy, the basic upgrades to our GM A-Body are in order. That’s why we recently fitted our BluePrint Chevelle with a set of wheels from Billet Specialties. Check out the simple process inRead More


Video: Project BluePrint Gains Ridetech, SSBC & Billet Specialties

It’s been a few months now since we updated you on our latest Chevy project car, Project “BluePrint” Chevelle, but it wasn’t for a lack of work. The past couple months have been full of projects throughout the powerTV garage, including the first few steps to convert our GM A-Body into the optimal pro-touring beastRead More


Introduction To Our New Project Car: BluePrint Chevelle

We introduce our newest project car to the Chevy Hardcore stable. This beautiful 1964 Chevelle two door sports coupe is destined to be a do-it-all car. From autocross to street/strip and even car shows, our BluePrint project car will compete in all types of events.Read More