Project Blank Slate


Project Blank Slate: ’69 Road Racing Clone Camaro Build Update

When it came time to really define the face of Chevy Hardcore, rebuilding an iconic nameplate for road racing was an obvious choice. Follow as we prepare a pony car that was designed to conquer the Trans Am series. Read More


Blank Slate: Designing and Building A Street Performance Fuel System

When it comes to upgrading the fuel system in your classic musclecar with modern technology, proper design and component selection makes all the difference between a great system and one that is prone to failure. Read More


Ordering A Custom Driveshaft Is Strange-ly Easy

Time to put the power to the wheels! We order up a custom driveshaft from Strange Engineering inside! Read More


Blank Slate: Dwelling On Keeping Things Cool

Our classic Camaro project car needed a great cooling system for the hot Southern California summers but with an LS engine swap, the pickings were slim. We found a great solution with AFCO Racing Products. More here Read More


Blank Slate: Our Camaro Gets Exhaust From Flowmaster And Vibrant

When the time came to get an exhaust system on Blank Slate, we called up the experts to find the perfect system. Look inside to see the custom, low profile exhaust system we fabricated! Read More


Blank Slate: Gaining Direction By Adding Flaming River Steering

When the time came to get the steering hooked up on first gen Camaro, Project Blank Slate, we called the experts at Flaming River. Find out what they sent us and how easy the install really was inside! Read More


Project Blank Slate: Investing in an ACT Twin Disc Clutch Upgrade

With big plans in mind, one of our latest upgrades to out Project Blank Slate Camaro came compliments of ACT, who set us up with a hearty Twin Disc HD Street Kit. A complete kit with all the makings of a superior clutch system, our ACT upgrade is sure to bring a hefty bite to our already performance-ridden F-body! Read More


Blank Slate: Rear Suspension Upgrade To a Four-Bar Coil Over System

We follow up the Bolt-on Front Clip installation on our project car with a fully adjustable four-bar rearend suspension from Chris Alston's Chassisworks. Our crude '69 Camaro is beginning to take shape as a genuine Pro-Touring vehicle. Read the details here. Read More


Blank Slate: Chris Alston Chassisworks Front Suspension Upgrade

When it came time to work on our 1969 Camaro aptly named Project Blank Slate, we knew that a chassis upgrade was in order. We turned to Chris Alston Chassisworks for their experience and expertise in chassis design to try our hand at installing their Bolt-on g-machine Front Clip for First Gen Camaros. Read More


Project Blank Slate: Our ’69 Camaro Gets A Tranny And Clutch

Our 1969 Chevy Camaro project, which is being built into a street/autocross car, has seen a number of upgrades since it was brought into our shop as an empty shell. While an automatic transmission would have been an easy choice, we wanted a bit of the old-school feel and chose a TREMEC T-56 6-speed manual. Read More


Engine Build Part 2: Wrapping Up The RHS-Backed, 720HP LSX 502

We teamed up with the LS pros over at LME to build some real-world dyno-proven LS power. We've already taken care of the short-block portion. Here, we'll put together the top-end, show what we used and what it made on the LME dyno. Check it out, right here! Read More


Project Blank Slate: Our ’69 Camaro Gets Chassisworks/Wilwood Brakes

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks hand-selects the Wilwood components that are part of its brake kits in order ensure delivery of optimum performance with its suspension kit and subframe that we chose for the Chevy '69 Camaro Blank Slate Project Car Build Up. Read More


LME’s 502ci 700+ hp LS Build Part 1: The Short Block

In case you hadn’t heard, the LS movement is in full swing. Let us be the first to tell you, it’s real and it’s here to stay. We teamed up with the LS pros over at LME to build some real-world dyno-proven LS power. Check out Part 1 of this series starting off with the short-block build. Read More


How They’re Made: Forgeline Motorsports Wheels

We take an inside look at what exactly goes in to building a set of custom wheels over at Forgeline wheels. Following our Project Blank Slate '69 Camaro wheels through the Forgeline assembly process we're able to see exactly how it's done - from start to finish. Check it out here! Read More


LME Builds 502 Cubic Inches Of LSX Power For Project Blank Slate

Our friends at Late Model Engines are screwing together a wicked LSX combination that will end up between the framerails of Blank Slate in the near future. Have a look at this powerplant coming together... Read More


Project Blank Slate: Forgeline Gets Us Rolling With New Wheels

When we got our 1969 Camaro we called it Project Blank Slate because we're starting from scratch. We're ready to start working on it again, and to help get started we reached out to Forgeline for a set of wheels that will work well with our plans. Read More

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