Project Blank Slate


Video: Project Car Update For A Newly-Road-Tested Blank Slate

It's been several years in the making, but Project Blank Slate is now terrorizing the road courses around southern California. Check out this video as we pilot around Willow Springs, testing our project's mettle.Read More


Project Blank Slate Tugs On The Long Tale Of Felix Chevrolet

We found a vintage license plate frame that was once on project Blank Slate, so we thought we would see if we could trace the car back to it's original dealership. Read the entire historically-filled article here.Read More


On The Street And At The Track With Falken Azenis RT615K Tires

We head out to an NMCA West autocross event held at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California to put the road-legal Falken Azenis RT615K track tires to the test with Project Blank Slate. Read More


Project Blank Slate: LS EZ-EFI 2.0 Self-Learning EFI For LS Engines

Self learning EFI systems were thought to be limited to use on engines around 500 horses. We challenge that a self-learning EFI system could support an engine with over 700hp. Enter the FAST EZ-EFI 2.Read More


Blank Slate’s New Additions Include Harnesses, EZ-EFI And A Dyno Day

With Blank Slate moving along in the shop, our technicians focused on getting her on the dyno. Click here to see what we've added and how Blank Slate performed on the dyno with its newly installed FAST EZ-EFI systemRead More


Project Blank Slate: Stop Rattling The Doors Off With OER Molding

Aside from ensuring a proper seal see why else installing door moldings and weatherstripping is a key step for Blank Slate leading up to dyno day.Read More

Welding 4

PROCAR Evolution Seat Install For Project Blank Slate

Project Blank Slate, our 1969 Chevrolet Camaro needed some new seats due to a few modifications. Click here to see what we did to fit SCAT's PROCAR Evolution seats!Read More


Project Blank Slate: ’69 Road Racing Clone Camaro Build Update

When it came time to really define the face of Chevy Hardcore, rebuilding an iconic nameplate for road racing was an obvious choice. Follow as we prepare a pony car that was designed to conquer the Trans Am series.Read More


Project Blank Slate: Making Shocking Connections

We link up with Classic Industries, Ron Francis, and Moroso to wire up Blank Slate. Each manufacturer gives us some insider tips and insight when it comes to one of the more tedious stages of a build.Read More


Installing An Aviaid Dry Sump Oil System In A First Gen Camaro

A dry sump oil system sounds expensive and intimidating, but for most performance minded enthusiasts that are interested in protecting the engine investment, you can't afford to be without a dry sump system.Read More


Blank Slate: Designing and Building A Street Performance Fuel System

When it comes to upgrading the fuel system in your classic musclecar with modern technology, proper design and component selection makes all the difference between a great system and one that is prone to failure.Read More


Ordering A Custom Driveshaft Is Strange-ly Easy

Time to put the power to the wheels! We order up a custom driveshaft from Strange Engineering inside! Read More


Blank Slate: Dwelling On Keeping Things Cool

Our classic Camaro project car needed a great cooling system for the hot Southern California summers but with an LS engine swap, the pickings were slim. We found a great solution with AFCO Racing Products. More hereRead More


Blank Slate: Our Camaro Gets Exhaust From Flowmaster And Vibrant

When the time came to get an exhaust system on Blank Slate, we called up the experts to find the perfect system. Look inside to see the custom, low profile exhaust system we fabricated! Read More


Blank Slate: Gaining Direction By Adding Flaming River Steering

When the time came to get the steering hooked up on first gen Camaro, Project Blank Slate, we called the experts at Flaming River. Find out what they sent us and how easy the install really was inside! Read More


Project Blank Slate: Investing in an ACT Twin Disc Clutch Upgrade

With big plans in mind, one of our latest upgrades to out Project Blank Slate Camaro came compliments of ACT, who set us up with a hearty Twin Disc HD Street Kit. A complete kit with all the makings of a superior clutch system, our ACT upgrade is sure to bring a hefty bite to our already performance-ridden F-body!Read More

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