Wild Ride Wednesday: Mike Harmon’s Racecar Split In Half

Typically we don’t feature videos of NASCAR type Chevy race cars here but some wild rides are just too amazing to pass up. Mike Harmon’s wildest, and luckiest ride, at Bristol Motor Speedway is one of those phenomenal events that make you do a double take.

Harmon is a journeyman NASCAR racer that has competed in most of NASCAR’s lower tier series working his way into the Busch Series and narrowly missing the chance to start in the 1999 Daytona 500 before sponsorship fell apart for the team.

Returning to the Busch series, Harmon landed a couple of races in the Craftsman Truck series.

In 2002 Harmon was back in the Busch series and gained instant notoriety at Bristol Motor Speedway in his Mixon Motorsports #44 Chevrolet. His fame did not come in a race but during a practice session when his car crashed into the wall where the track’s infield entry gate is located in turn 2. The gate was not secured and swung open when Harmon’s Chevy crashed into it.

Harmon’s car impacted the end of the concrete wall violently which split the car virtually in half.

The car began to slowly spin and slide down the track with Harmon completely exposed to oncoming race cars. As it neared the bottom groove on the track’s racing surface, Johnny Sauter’s car was exiting turn 2 and hit the wide open car of Harmon.

With only mere feet between a lucky break and tragedy, Sauter’s car hit the half of the wounded race car that Harmon was not sitting in. While track officials and fans were too stunned to move, Harmon got out of the car and walked away uninjured.

Watch Mike Harmon’s Wild Ride Here:

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