Video: Watch This Crazy AWD C3 Run the 1/4 Mile in 7.545 Seconds

Insane is the only word that comes to mind as you watch an all-wheel drive, 2,000 horsepower C3 Corvette run a quarter mile in a mind blowing 7.545 seconds. VTG, a Polish customization and tuning company, started this ridiculous C3 build in 2005 with the stock 5.7-liter small block V8 only able to muster 345hp, still no laughing matter. However, the introduction of the 5.7-liter Gen II V8 changed everything. While it didn’t offer a substantial leap in performance, what it did have on tap was loads of potential and the robustness necessary for what VTG had in mind for their project C3.

Photo: Engine Swap Depot

With the car being purposed built for pure speed and acceleration, VTG wasn’t satisfied with the base performance of the LT1. They stuck with the old adage, “there’s no replacement for displacement,” and bored the engine out to 6.2-liters. Obviously, they couldn’t stop there. The next step was to build the motor up with JE forged pistons, Manley forged rods, and Brodix 18x series heads. All of this was done in order to handle a very generous amount of boost compliments of the positively humongous 91mm Turbonetics T-106 turbocharger. However, with a turbocharger that big, it was bound to have issues with turbo lag. VTG didn’t miss a beat, and installed a wet nitrous system for a healthy bump in horsepower, especially at the low end, which also helps the turbo come up to speed. Altogether, this setup is easily capable of producing upwards of 1,973 horsepower, although they tend to run it with a far milder and more reliable 1,628 horsepower tune.

Now, expecting the aging C3 to put down all of this horsepower through the rear wheels is just a disaster waiting to happen. VTG took this into consideration as well. In order to achieve maximum traction and therefore maximum acceleration, they took the all-wheel drive system out of a GMC Typhoon with custom fabricated axles and shafts and jammed it into the C3’s chassis. Hooked up to a three-speed Rossler TH400 automatic transmission, this impressive driveline is able to manage the monstrous torque flooding out of the boosted LT1. In order to accommodate the front drive components, they also adapted the GMC Typhoon’s front suspension while utilizing a 4-link suspension in the rear.

VTG C3 takes down Nissan GT-R

Photo: Engine Swap Depot

This combination of power plant and drive line results in some fairly staggery numbers for the C3 Corvette. At launch, it is capable of sprinting from 0-100kph (or 0-62mph in freedom units) in a mind boggling 1.4 seconds. Most recently, it smashed it’s personal quarter-mile record with the 7.545 run which, again, was done in it’s detuned and “reliable” 1,628 horsepower state. Who knows what would happen if they decided to push the envelope and take it down the track at the full 1,973 horsepower that it’s LT1 power plant is capable of. For the time being, let’s just take solace in the fact that the United States of America isn’t the only country that can appreciate some good, old fashioned American muscle.

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