Anyone who ever grew up in the sand dunes or at the lake can tell you that trucks are a thing of fun and function. Anyone who ever had to follow their dad to the junkyard to throw stuff out or pick stuff up could tell you the same story.

Functional because a lot of America’s jobs, custom cars and boats included, would not be possible without their durability. Fun because they make a lot of our outdoor hobbies possible, which for the certain sum of us have become jobs.

There is certainly in America a certain love affair with the car, and we love the trucks that we drive just as much. Today’s featured burnout video is clear evidence that the Americana tradition of pickups in the country is one that won’t be dying out soon.

Watch this pickup as it romps around on a back country road, doing burnouts enough to create a cloud within a 5-mile radius.

Pickups are light as is, and the fact that this truck has no bed does nothing to promote good traction.

On top of being light, the truck is stuffed with a torque-happy 454 chasing a 5-speed.

The “torque happy” nature of the big-block becomes apparent in the cloud storm that the truck creates.

Clearly someone could have easily snapped a rear axle in this amateur but fun, backroad romp in a pickup.

But by the look of this driver’s face, it looks like the backroad romp was one that turned out to be a good ‘ol time in which all working components came out intact!