Video: Watch a Chevelle Body and Chassis Come Together in 60 sec

Restoration projects take a long time, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this video we found on Vimeo. As a time-lapse recording, it actually shows the matting of a ‘72 Chevelle’s body to its chassis and drivetrain in just over a minute. While we’re sure this major project took a bit longer, it sure is fun to watch the car come together in fast forward. Check it out above.

The ‘72 Chevelle project is owned by a man named Bob Douglas and the build of the car is dedicated to his brother Anthony who passed away a few years ago. Anthony apparently loved Chevelles and owned two in his life, both of which were big-block cars with bright yellow exterior paint and black racing stripes. To honor his brother, Douglas is turning his own Chevelle into a 454 SS recreation with the same color scheme as his brother’s cars.

A lot of the restoration work on the car has been done by Douglas himself, with the help of Vinnie Goulet, his son-in-law Jason Mitchell, and Douglas’ son Buddy. The bodywork and paint were done by Dave Croteau.

When the video was recorded two months ago, the restoration/recreation project had taken three and a half years already. No wonder the matting of the body to the restored chassis and drivetrain was a monumental occasion for Douglas.

Douglas hopes to get the Chevelle done by July so he can take it to the Worcester Nationals in Worcester, Massachusetts. With as much work is already done, we have confidence that he will meet his deadline.

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