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With the affordability and effectiveness of EFI conversions today, there’s one area of this upgrade that has a few options that sometimes get overlooked: the fuel tank. One option is to get a custom fuel tank, another is modifying your existing fuel tank, or you can opt for an alternative that gives you peace of mind and saves a few bucks over the custom tank. That alternative is a Restomod fuel tank from Rick’s Tanks.


That hole in the top for the factory fuel sender is not big enough for an electric, in-tank pump. Cutting a larger hole in the tank is a dangerous process, and care needs to be taken to make sure there are no fumes, or an explosion can occur.

Factory fuel tanks don’t have room for an internal fuel pump – which is a very wise choice for fuel injection. Inline fuel pumps can work, but inline pumps are subject to the elements: rain, debris, and extreme heat transfer from the hot pavement. An in-tank pump will not only run cooler, but it will run quieter than many inline pumps.

Custom tanks are definitely worth the coin that you shell out for them; they’re baffled to keep fuel slosh at a minimum, they are custom made to your specifications, and they’re designed to accommodate in-tank pumps. The drawback for many is that they can also be a bit pricey. Finding a shop that can build you a custom tank isn’t always a guarantee that they can build it properly. Rick’s Tanks has been in the business of not only building custom tanks, but the expertise of its staff knows what works, and what doesn’t work.RTrestomod-016

Pump placement, baffle design, and fitment are all things considered when you order a custom tank from Rick’s Tanks. However, unless you’re a hardcore racer who needs a custom tank to keep fuel slosh at a minimum for hard cornering or acceleration, the Restomod line is a perfect, price-conscious alternative for a street car.

The stamped steel tank is designed to accept a single or dual fuel pump, included with each Restomod tank. Rick’s Tanks own proprietary pump and pump hanger will assure that you won’t have any fitment issues, because the pump hanger is designed specifically for each style of tank with no cutting, and they don’t require foam baffles.


Restomod fuel tanks include a single or dual pump and sending unit, and fit just like the OE tank, and they have a satin black powder coat finish for a custom look.

Inside each Restomod tank, you’ll find three fuel pickups placed in the bottom of the tank to make sure that no matter how hard you turn or accelerate, you’ll be sending fuel to the engine. The pickups are spaced apart, one at each side, and one in the center of the tank at the lowest point.

Sending your fuel level to the gauge is done with a cylinder-type fuel sender that is more accurate than the float-type. Several tank depths and ohm readings are available for these senders to work with most fuel gauges, both factory and aftermarket.

In-tank pumps run much cooler than inline pumps, and that can help prolong pump life. Three pickup points inside the tank assure that your engine won't starve for fuel during cornering or acceleration.

Currently, Restomod tanks are available for many GM vehicles, with Ford and Mopar applications planned for the near future. We recently installed one on our 1969 Camaro project car – Project Blank Slate – to show the fit and finish of a Restomod tank in a classic car.

While Blank Slate was already a recipient of a full custom tank from Rick’s Tanks to accommodate our plans for a potent engine with power adders, the Restomod tank was a perfect fit. Rick’s Tanks builds these tanks with consideration to the true enthusiast by building a slightly narrower tank to make room for aftermarket exhaust systems.


Restomod tanks fit using OE style hangers/straps, and are slightly narrower to give room for larger exhaust pipes.

Each tank installs in the same manner as the factory tank, using the factory-style hangers that fit in the OE locations. Once installed, the tank gives off a factory appearance with a satin black, powder coat finish that will withstand the elements.

Restomod tanks can be used for both carburetor or EFI applications. Current offerings include 1967-1973 GM F-body, 1964-1972 GM A body, and 1964-1967 El Camino. Even if you’re just looking to replace a rusted out original tank and sticking with the carburetor, you can’t go wrong with a Restomod tank to not only improve fuel delivery but to improve the looks, as well.


Reach out to Rick’s Tanks at its website, or reach out and give them a call and let them know what you’re working on, and they can let you know if your car is in the plans for a Restomod fuel tank.

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