Redneck engineering is a global phenomenon, not just a regional tendency among residents of the United States. Top Gear Australia featured two wild “shed built” projects that rival even the LS-1-powered chopper found on craigslist. Weird, wild and wacky only begins to describe the two machines introduced to a live audience and subsequently the world.

Both of these contraptions feature GM engines and lightweight non-car chassis; the red lawn mower or tractor, is powered by the archetypal General Motors engine: the small-block Chevy, but the Eski features a 253 cubic-inch Holden V8. With a couple of V8’s, a crowd and some overzealous hosts the power-weight ratio and potential for chaos seemed to be an irresistible combination.

When the idea of racing these “shed built” means of transportation, or perhaps means for complete and utter destruction, was mentioned the entire audience was delighted along with the hosts. However, there was a bit of resistance on the part of some staff members but their concerns were of addressed in proper form, smoke and chaos.

Once the tractors, carts or race vehicles fired up, it was only a matter of time before a NASCAR meets demolition derby style of racing took place on the set. As the guys made laps around the set they pushed the limits of the handling of both vehicles; this is proven when the black Eski machine is rammed into the stage and becomes stuck. Fortunately, the hosts were uninjured during their display of “shed built” machines, but it was awesome to see some international “redneck engineering” in action.