Video: Skydiving A Chevy Sonic

Chevy recently released it’s all new Sonic. It’s a small hatchback that competes with the Ford Fiesta, and unlike the Daewoo-built Chevy Aveo that it replaces, this little guy is actually built in Detroit. Chevy has put a lot of effort into the car and is marketing the beans out of it right now, and this video of the Sonic going skydiving is our absolute favorite. The Sonic and 4 guys all leap out of an airplane and enjoy the freefall, all rolling and enjoying the ride. About halfway through the trip they all pull their shoots, including the Sonic, and (we assume) land safely after the video is over.

The Sonic is a 2012 model and comes in either sedan or hatchback. Like the majority of Chevy models, the one with all of the nice goodies is the LTZ model which is likely the one that that you see here. Many press outlets that have driven the car have been shocked by the roominess and performance of the little car. It’s even received rave review in Europe. Yes, Europe!

While we’re still not entirely sure what the purpose of the commercial itself actually is, it’s a great PR stunt and it worked on us! We’d just like to meet the guys that had the cajones to skydive near a 2700 pound subcompact hurtling through space.

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