Video Recap: Royal Purple Reel Wars Video Contest

Royal Purple has been manufacturing synthetic oils and lubricants since 2003, but did you know where and why it became Royal Purple? Founder John Williams was a pioneer in developing synthetic lubricants since the 1950’s. He was asked to help develop a lubricant that helped solve chronic bearing failure in large compressors, and not only did he come up with a new additive technology but his formula had exceptional oxidation stability for long oil life.

His technology provided remarkable protection against rust and corrosion in wet and high temperature applications, and also cleaned up equipment and prevented build up and varnishing. The new lubricant solved the bearing failure issues, and was so unique compared to anything else they had seen that it was suggested to Mr. Williams that it shouldn’t be the same color as all the other oils and lubricants, so purple coloring was added to it to make it different.

Another event that Royal Purple hosted last Spring was the Reel Wars, where they took video submissions from enthusiasts showcasing what they could do with Royal Purple. The contest was simple, and the first 100 entries received a case of Royal Purple oil, while the Grand Prize Winner received $5,000! The winning entry is the lead video above, the “Purple Bot” that detects the type of motor oil needed for anything with a motor… including a chainsaw. The Honorable Mention winner is the video above

Did you know that Royal Purple lubricants were used in the fighting robots in the movie “Real Steel“? You can find Royal Purple at nearly 25,000 retailers in the US, which includes products for automotive, marine, 2-cycle, rotary, racing, transmissions and even an additive for your cooling system. Royal Purple focuses their charitable efforts on children and veterans, giving to the Hot Rodders Children’s Charity and the Warrior Weekend Charity.

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