If you’ve ever spent some time in the sand, staying entertained is pretty easy. Like a band of neighborhood kids running wild, the next big challenge is just around the corner. Granted, the actions of these folks are from a much older crowd, the idea is the same. Challenging one another in a battle of hill-climbing might seem like an easy task, especially in a four-wheel drive rig. However, this wild crew decided to up the ante and disengage their transfer cases, diverting their high-rpm twist to just the rearend.

Yes, four-wheel drive is necessary in some challenging situations. However, it's so much more fun to watch these tubs attempt this hill in 2WD!

Their efforts are inspiring to say the least. Could the Chevy K10 be the all-time most popular GM 4×4? With a plethora of bolt-on go-fast parts and suspension components flooding the market, building one is quite easy.

Moreover, they were pretty well-equipped right from the factory. Picking one up in your local classified ad won’t break the bank either. Plus, their traditional small-blocks are easy to coax power from; potentially getting you to the sand for some fun with enough dough left over for some extra fuel and cooler full of suds.

Admittedly, we don’t have a ton of information on these two screaming tubs. What we can tell you is both of these owners aren’t afraid to lay into the throttle. Agreed, hitting the hill in 4-Hi would be easy. Throw the transfer case into 4-Lo and the extra gear multiplication wouldn’t be much of a challenge at all. At that point, it wouldn’t be any fun. It’s all in good fun. These owners illustrate that even in 2WD, these little trucks can perform. Make sure to turn up your speakers on this one, let ’em rip!