Video: On The Dyno – Borowski Race Enterprises Cranks Out 1,206HP

Since 1968, Borowski Race Enterprises of Rockdale, Illinois has primarily served the engine performance needs of America’s Midwest. Their 40-year history promises to match the competition dollar-for-dollar, and to prove their motors have plenty of mechanical muscle, they’ve even dyno’ed one of their most recent creations- a blown, 588ci big-block.

Recently, the Rockdale motor shop posted this featured video of their mountain motor-like dyno pull on Vimeo. During the run at Borowski’s, the cubic inch-laden mill produces a concrete-splitting 1,206 horsepower at 6,800rpm. Like, Whoa!

According to Borowski Enterprise’s Dave Livesy, “The motor was able to produce this powerband on 92 octane (pump gas), and at 6800rpm…it wanted to keep climbing!”

The fact that such a mammoth motor with a long stroke and bucket-szied bores was able to peak rpm so high was phenomenal in itself. As Livesy says, “That the motor is able to rev to such heights because of its use of Isky’s “Tool Room” series valve springs.

Pulling out all the stops, Borowski Enterprise’s creation uses the biggest supercharger Whipple currently offers for this application. Whipple’s intercooled, 8.3l unit is not only large, however, according to Dave Livesy, [it’s] what makes Whipple’s 8.3 blower unique is that its intercooler is strategically placed between the blower and intake manifold.

All image credit: Borowski Race Enterprises

The 1,206-horse, big-block from the Midwest engine builder is one of two, Gen IV motors that are currently being built for a 38-foot, Fountain boat as a marine appliaction. Blower boost, during the above dyno pull was set at a conservative 12.7psi, and the motor produced a wave-breaking, 1,105 pounds of twist at a relatively low 4,000rpm.

The Whipple-induced, Gen IV motor is topped with Dart’s 355 heads, which are stuffed with Manley’s 2.300-/1.800-inch intake/exhaust valves. Allowing this stout valvetrain to open-up and breathe is a roller cam from Crane sporting a 114-degrees of separation. Finally, Borowski Race’s 588 Bowtie is topped with a matching set of Quick Fuel’s 1050cfm blower carbs, allowing for correct atomization of the the motor’s tremendous boost and high-winding power production.

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