Many Tri-Five Chevrolet owners would be in need of psychiatric care if someone turned a 2-door Bel Air into lifted mud bog machine. Then there are others who might try to have a fabricator committed to a psychiatric hospital for what they consider to be Bel Air butchery. Fortunately for mental health practitioners, the mastermind or masterminds behind this 4×4 Chevrolet Bel Air used a 4-door car to begin their project.

Although little is known about the origins of this monster truck or sedan, it is safe to guess that the Bel Air body has been transplanted onto a blazer or other SUV chassis. According to BustedKnuckleVideo, this beast is known around the circuit as “Shake Rattle and Roll.” Despite the debate over sanity, this ’55 Chevrolet screams America and even has huge American flag displayed to drive the point home.

BustedKnuckleVideo posted video of this classic Chevrolet entertaining the crowd at an off road event. Even though the driver avoids the mud bog, the crowd seems to enjoy the rumble of the engine along with the stars and stripes waving proudly in the air. Perhaps the driver joined in on the muddy fun later on in the day because it would be shame to totally miss out on that fun.

Without having any specifics on the build, it is safe to bet that this beast is powered by decent size V8 engine of some sort. With plenty of power, the right tires, and plenty of suspension this Tri-Five is set up for off road fun.