For those Cyclone and Typhoon devotees the beloved “mini” performance truck or SUV craze seems to have fallen by the wayside in the modern era of performance. However, there are still those who are devoted to the small-pickup/big-power cause, and of course the LS engines lend themselves to those purposes. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, fans of mini-monsters are able to see what happens when a mild mannered ’96 S10 pickup receives an LS1 swap. Of course, the truck looks unassuming and incredibly sedate thanks to the nondescript wheels and factory-appearing white paint scheme. However, once the hood is popped this little truck goes from ho-hum to “WTF?” in a few short seconds.

With the LS1 resting comfortably between the front fenders and fitting beneath the factory hood, this engine looks like it should have been there from the factory. Of course the “hooning” demonstration proves that this little truck can shred tires just as well as any LS1-powered Corvette or Camaro. Although this truck makes performance junkies a little misty for the days of the Cyclones and Typhoons, perhaps GM will consider a performance version of the Colorado someday soon? It might be sensory overload to imagine a factory Colorado with an LS3, but it’s impossible not to lust over the potential for some seriously sick burnouts in such a rig. Regardless of the senseless destruction of tires, this LS1 S10 along with the LS1 Sonoma are a couple of trucks that could teach a few Mustang drivers a lesson.