Video: Joakim Ringeli Drifts A 1964 Impala On Purpose

Just when you think you have seen it all, you are surprised by a video of our friends in Norway schooling the driver of a Toyota Supra with a ’64 Impala. One does not typically expect to see a large, full-size classic car at a drift track, let alone one that can get around a tuner’s perpetual favorite, the A80 Supra.

After doing a bit scouring via the interwebs, it appears that this wicked Impala is powered by a 396 cubic-inch big-block Chevrolet with a little bit of forced induction, courtesy of a Vortech V-4 XX supercharger. Based on the information available about the supercharger, it is safe to say that this thing delivers plenty of horsepower and torque. According to the specifications on Vortech’s website, this model is capable of up to 1,400 horsepower.

Photo acquired from Byrg Media As the drivers emerged from the corner, the Impala passed the Supra on the inside.

Photo acquired from Byrg Media.
As the drivers emerged from the corner, the Impala passed the Supra on the inside through the turn. It is rare to see a large car at a drift event, and it is incredible to see one dominate the track.

Power alone is not responsible for the killer performance delivered on the track, there is something to be said for driving skill. Although the name of the driver is not announced – or it could be because I lack the skills to understand Norwegian – we have to commend his or her efforts behind the wheel. This individual may give Top Gear’s “the Stig” a run for his money on a drift course.

In another video, this beast keeps the driver of BMW at bay while smoking the tires through a controlled slide as the occasional burst of flame exits the exhaust. Byrg Media produced a series videos documenting the prowess of this ’64 on the race track. After conversing with Byrg Media, it appears that the Impala will be starring in a new video, only this time instead of paved surface, the big-block Chevrolet will be driving on ice. We have covered other ice races before, but it will be interesting to see this upcoming video thanks to production quality.

Photo acquired from Byrg Media. Tire destruction is taken to a nearly artistic level thanks to stunning scenery and remarkable video quality. Watching Joakim Ringeli navigate the Impala through the twists and turns of the track is truly something to behold.

Joakim Ringeli of Gjovik, Norway, purchased the car from a friend who used it for track racing. However, an Impala is not the obvious choice for drift competition, but the car was a blank canvass for Ringeli. “It was stripped and had a rollcage, so I thought this might work,” said Ringeli. “I have never seen anyone “drift” a full size, so I had to try it,” he added.

Obviously, it takes a little horsepower and torque to slide around while driving a full size Chevrolet, but the original 396ci engine with a Vortech seems to do just fine. Although he does not have a current dyno sheet for the beast, it seems to have ample power as he shifts the Muncie M21 transmission. With his love for speed, racing, and American cars, Ringeli will be racing this big-block four-speed car for quite sometime.

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