“Muscle wagons” have made a big comeback in recent years as the whole fascination with SUV’s fades. The real zenith of muscle wagons was back during the muscle car wars of the 1960’s though, where just about any family hauler could be ordered with a powerful big-block engine and other performance goodies. They just don’t make muscle wagons like that anymore.

Up on eBay right now is one of the best muscle wagons ever made, a 1970 Chevy Chevelle. The owner is “cleaning out his toy box,” and this tire-shredding grocery getter is among the cars that must go.

Unbeknownst to many muscle car fans, the Chevy Chevelle could be ordered in a number of different configuration, including sedan and wagon models. While these don’t have the same visual impact as a low-riding Chevelle coupe, when done right the Chevelle wagons take on a menacing look all their own.

While this eBay find doesn’t back a big-block V8 like a rare few cars do, it does have a venerable (and rebuilt) Chevy 350 small-block under the hood. Backed by a bulletproof TH350 transmission, this one-two combo is a classic power maker.

What really helps this Chevelle wagon stand out is the unique suspension lift on the rear end, jacking the back of the wagon up more than a couple of inches. We think this Chevelle wagon would be worth adding to our toy box, but do you agree?