Video: Heidt’s Hot Rod Parts And The People Powered Beer Wagon

When we saw this pleasure cruiser, it was a no-brainer that we had to dig up the details. As it turns out, Caztek Engineering in St. Paul, Minnesota, is an engineering and design firm specializing in solving design challenges. Using ultra-modern CAD and structural analysis techniques, the team at Caztek come up with innovative designs using top notch equipment.

According to Caztech, “The full suspension design utilizes the common Mustang II front suspension system.” The crew at Heidt’s confirmed that their Mustang II suspension was used in this build. All photos from

Caztek Incorporated also owns Cycle City, a small company that offers the pinnacle of eco-tainment. Calling their product “a pedal powered party on wheels,” Cycle City introduces a whole new entertainment experience to city traveling.

When we saw Cycle City’s video on YouTube, we immediately picked up the phone and started making calls. Eventually we were led to Mike Hawley at Heidt’s Hot Rod and Muscle Car Parts, who explained the deal. “I noticed that we had sold four complete Mustang II front end kits and four rear 4-link kits to this engineering firm. We like to know what are parts are being used on so that we can market the products appropriately to the industry,” said Hawley.

Attention to detail is a priority on any build. Where the design dictates a smooth surface, the welds are ground flush and disappear after paint. City Cycle #001 moves under people power for the very first time on a cold day in Minnesota. Once the final fit up was complete the chassis is disassembled and sent out for plating, anodizing and paint. Then final assembly commences along with all of the finishing touches such as lighting, sound system, wiring and graphics.

Much like the guys at Heidts, we immediately fell in love with this creation. It features everything that a car guy loves. Top notch suspension parts, a bartender and a keg of beer. To seal the deal, you get to burn the calories off as you tour the city so there’s no guilt feelings about finishing the keg.

We are trying to find out what the morning after hangover results are following a complete tour. Does the exercise help minimize the day after hangover or are you hung over and sore?

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