Video: E-Force Supercharger From Edelbrock Makes 753 Horsepower

eforce02In the past few years, we’ve seen quite a few forced induction kits for modern musclecars. These kits have been giving modern muscle anywhere from 400 to 700+ horsepower with a bolt-on kit. Edelbrock’s new E-Force Supercharger system for classic cars, however, is giving modern muscle some competition.

As seen in the video above, the new E-Force Supercharger made a whopping 753 horsepower and 636 lb/ft of torque on a small block Chevrolet. The kit is available for the 1986 and earlier Chevrolet small block with standard heads, or Edelbrock’s E-Tec/GM Vortec cylinder heads. The supercharger system features a newly designed 4150-style dual-quad setup.

It’s a positive displacement supercharger that Edelbrock designed for muscle cars and street rods, using an Eaton Gen Vi 2300TVS rotating assembly with a four-lobe design. The supercharger allows for maximum flow, quiet operation and low operating temperatures, and incorporates an integrated bypass valve that Edelbrock says, “helps eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle for little to no decrease in fuel economy.”

eforce01You can order the supercharger with a pair of calibrated carburetors from Edelbrock, built to run right out of the box, or if you prefer the EFI the complete system includes a pair of throttle bodies with an Edelbrock Pro-Flo 2 EFI including the ECU, wiring harness and fuel injectors.

The two 800 cfm carburetors are Edelbrock’s Thunder Series AVS, or you can order the kit without carburetors for those who want to run their own. The EFI kit includes a high capacity bar and plate air to water intercooler with the proper fuel rails that were designed especially for this kit. And, like the carbureted kit, you can also order it without EFI in order to run your own electronic fuel injection.

eforce03To maximize heat dissipation, this kit can be matched with an Edelbrock Universal Heat Exchanger. A serpentine belt system with belt tensioner is included with all kits, with interchangeable pulleys, gaskets and all necessary hardware to install the kit. Your choice of satin or polished finish will give you one final choice to make, to both complement and enhance your engine compartment.

Be sure to check out Edelbrock’s web site for this and more applications for the E-Force Classic Supercharger kits. We have it on good authority that the LS1, LS2 and LS3 are currently in R&D, and we could see even more before too long.

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