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Video: Camaro Owners Set A Record For Largest Car Mosaic In Canada

Auto enthusiasts are known for being a passionate family, and Volkswagen fanatics held the previous Guinness world record for the largest car mosaic assembled. Worldrecordsacademy.org reported on the new Guinness world record holder for the largest car mosaic assembled by none other than Camaro owners. The previous record holder featured an assembly of 460 Volkswagens at Anhembi Parque in São Paulo, Brazil.

The congregation of Camaro owners coincided with the 45th anniversary of the beloved American muscle car in a parking lot of the neighboring Oshwa Assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Camaros spanning the five generations of the model were strategically parked to form vibrant bowtie in the center of the parking lot. Camaro owners from across Canada and the United States met up to celebrate the momentous occasion. Camaro owners drove to Oshawa from places as far away as Texas, New Orleans, LA and the from all over Canada.

This event was organized by GM Canada and the Ontario Camaro Club, and featured 587 Camaros. Along with celebrating the anniversary of the car, this event was helped to commemorate the 23rd annual Ontario Camaro Nationals. The massive gathering of  Camaros was part of the Camaro Homecoming organized by GM Canada and the Ontario Camaro Club to help celebrate the car’s 45th anniversary, as well as the 23rd annual Ontario Camaro Nationals.

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