Today’s automobiles are paragons of safety measures, with each automaker attempting to cram as many airbags, sensors, and warning lights as possible into new cars. Cadillac is no exception, loading its CTS line of cars with driver, passenger, and side curtain airbags that deploy in the event of a serious accident.

Or, in the case of this next video, during a pre-wedding autocross event. Jalopnik came across the story, and this video, of an about-to-be-married autocrosser who’s Cadillac CTS-V wagon deployed one of the aforementioned side curtain airbags.

GM engineer Brad Doerr was out for an autocross event in his brand new Cadillac CTS-V wagon for a pre-wedding autocross race, his last race as a free man before marrying his fiance Holly. During the event, Doerr reportedly achieved .92 g’s of lateral acceleration on the course. Without warning, the passenger’s side curtain airbag deployed.

That’s a scary situation, and though Holly would normally have been in the passenger’s seat, she was off getting ready for the wedding. Lucky that. Alas, the two’s plans for a honeymoon in their supercharged wagon was ruined, though a local GM dealer loaned them a not-quite-as-nice Chevrolet Impala for the trip instead.

GM has yet to respond on the incident, though this is not the first case of a GM vehicle having its airbags improperly deploy. A Chevy Camaro was in the middle of drifting when its airbags went off, leaving us to wonder if the General might have a bigger problem with oversensitive airbag calibration on its hands.