Video: Borowski Race Does It Again With This 1,298 Horse Dyno Run

The last time that we visited Borowski Race Enterprises of Rockdale, Illinois, Dave Livesey and Borowski Race gave us a glimpse into the kind of cubic inch mayhem that the Illinois speed shop is really about.

Last month, Borowski took our breath away with the dyno pull of a 1,206 horse, 588ci big-block that wanted to keep climbing at 6,800rpm. Apparently this legacy of engine building is one that has stuck with Borowski Race, as the motor in today’s featured dyno pull was built to tach out at a fairly low range, but wanted to keep going anyway. The motor in question is an M4 ProCharged, 522ci big-block with 9:1 JE flat top pistons and Edelbrock Performer RPM heads. The massive big-block, one from a matching set of 522 mills to be featured in a 42 foot Fountain powerboat, is fitted with a 1,000cfm, 4-barrel carburetor from Pro Systems.

All image credit: Borowski Race Enterprises

The 4-barrel is modded specifically for the ProCharger M4 blower, which according to Borowski’s Dave Livesey put out a substantial 15.9psi during this recent run. The carburetor is built with custom floats, along with dual needles and seats.

But the fact that the radical induction setup can handle the aggressive M4 unit is most obvious in the dyno run itself. Livesey explains that the Fountain boat owner, Joe Brabec of Rockdale, originally built this motor with a 6,000rpm redline in mind and didn’t expect to be able to tach it much further than that.

To the surprise of Livesey and of Borowski Race owner, Ken McCaul, the motor actually wanted to keep pulling at 6,000rpm. Because this turned out to be the aggressive nature of the beast, Livesey and the Borowski crew actually ran the motor to 6,500rpm during their last pull, and even at 6,500 the 522 motor kept climbing.

This astronomical engine pull at Borowski Race left Livesey and McCaul stunned, and it leaves all of us wondering how much more the motor could have done. This is especially true in the context of a deep V, high speed boat with 42 feet of moving space that’s designed to haul ass through white caps.

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