For years, the actual horsepower numbers of Chevrolet’s engines has prodded debate. Well, with the help of Pete’s Garage, we will dispel any myths. This is an all original 427 cubic-inch engine from a 1969 Camaro SS. What makes this so special is that it is all original: 1969 block, crankshaft, carburetor, and heads. The only thing that is not original is the intake manifold, which is an aluminum replica of the original. Though it is not from 1969, it is an exact replica of the one that would have been placed on this engine by Chevrolet at the factory.

This video shows the engine running on the dyno, and the results show that it put out 518 lb-ft. of torque at around 3,600 rpm, and topped out at 509 horsepower at 5,800 rpm.

The last thing the video shows us is the result sheet of the dyno test. Not only does it reveal the exact RPM, torque rating, and horsepower, but also all of the levels in between. It shows that the engine performs evenly at all levels and gives tangible proof of the stats. There is no doubt that a 427 cubic-inch big-block from a 1969 Camaro is capable of those kinds of numbers, but there is something validating about seeing the actual printout.