The National Association For Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) once raced actual stock cars against each other on the oval circuit. Those days are long gone, and much lamented, though NASCAR does appear to be returning to its roots in a sense. The new race cars will pack fuel injection, and more closely resemble the vehicles whose namesake they carry.

Still, a NASCAR stock car was never meant to hit the streets…though that is exactly what happens in the video feature above. As an added bonus, there’s a scantily-clad woman riding shotgun. Do we have your full attention now?

It’s not every day that a NASCAR employed by the famed Dale Earnhardt Jr. goes to a McDonald’s drive-thru, but that’s just one of the many adventures employed by the driver and his blonde co-pilot. After that, it’s off to a mall car show, where they pull a little drifting action right in front of mall security…not that the security guard seems to mind.

Through it all we are offered several different perspectives on the action, including a clever (if awkward) camera mounted on the driver’s face. If you’re looking for 12 minutes on stock car-on-the-street action, look no farther than this video.