Muscle cars aren’t supposed to be good at turning. The popular mythos about all American sports cars is that, while they might be fast in a straight line, they are less than worthless in the twisties. Over the years though, perceptions have changed thanks to more well-rounded contemporary muscle cars and an evolving aftermarket that offers a lot more in the way of suspension components.

Even so, muscle cars aren’t exaclty a common sight at autocross events. But this video found by Bangshift gives us an in-car view of a LS3-powered ‘73 Camaro absolutely tearing up the track. Case in point, this ’73 Camaro at the Run To The Coast Event 3, which took place over the weekend.

This Camaro belongs to Brian Hobaugh, who dropped an LS3 V8 and G-force transmission into this relic from the 70’s. Brian, an experienced autocrosser, has also obviously updated his Camaro’s archaic suspension with many modern bits.

Why do we say that? We were just 10 seconds into watching Brian’s run before we said “Holy !#@*.” It’s fast, way too fast for most of us to ever handle. But Brian and his Camaro weave through the cones with ease, making us quite jealous of his obvious driving skills. And the sound of that LS3 motor humming along? It don’t get much better than that. This video gets a 10 outta 10 from us.