Video: Arab Drifters Destroy Chevy Caprice

Arab Drifting Gone Horribly Wrong!

Every culture has a different take on the automobile. Here in America it is a way of life for many people, and our varied forms of motorsports reflect that. Over in Saudi Arabia though, only the wealthiest citizens can afford anything but the most basic automobile. But those who can afford nice cars tend to drive them to the extreme, and then some.

Over the past few years the Internet has been inundated with videos of drivers from the Middle East “drifting” their cars across the wide desert roads that criss-cross many sandy nations. Over at Streetfire we came across this video of one of these drifting contests going horribly wrong for the driver of this Chevy Caprice.

This ain’t your grandma’s Caprice though. In Australia it is called the Holden Commodore; in America we called it the Pontiac G8. Whatever you want to call it though, it’s a rear-drive, V8-powered sedan that was never, ever intended to be driven sideways across a multi-lane desert highway.

That doesn’t matter to the driver of this Caprice though, who “skates” across a four-lane highway and gets a bit too close to the edge. There, he hits a randomly-placed pile of sand (something we imagine is not uncommon in the Mid East) that sends the Caprice into the air before it falls on all four wheels… and the guy just keeps on driving like nothing even happened.

Yeah, that will buff right out.

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