Video: ’67 Impala Sedan Tears It Up at Australia’s Summernats

The automotive world is full of viable motorsports. There is drag racing, drifting, rally, dirt track, autocross, and of course just cruising and showing, but nothing compares to the mighty burnout. While we enjoy a bit of burnout fun here in the states now and again, the Australians definitely take their burnouts more seriously. This video we found on YouTube, which features Greg Young and his ‘67 Impala at the Summernats 25 is proof of that.

Young is known around Australia as a “Burnout Master.” Essentially, this guy knows how to lay down some serious rubber and has been doing so at the Summernats Burnout Championship since it started 25 years ago. This year, Young was at it again, giving an amazing smoky show to the crowd.

No, Young didn’t go to the extreme of using color smoke tires like Gary Meyers did on his ‘72 Ford Falcon XA Coupe at the same competition, but we’re kind of partial to seeing guys put on a great show with regular tires. More impressive than the amount of smoke that filled the air, however, was that it was created by a monstrous, full-size four-door Impala. If you can go out like this and hold your own against guys in smaller muscle cars, you’ve definitely got our vote.

Since Young put on such a good show this year, he walked away a second-place finisher in the burnout competition. We look forward to seeing Young back at the Summernats next year for another impressive burnout. Unfortunately, we don’t think we’ll be seeing the same tires on the Impala at the next competition since Young literally ran the rubber completely off of them.

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