The sixth-generation Camaro SS is a fierce competitor in the late-model muscle department. With the new Alpha platform chassis and direct injection LT1 powerplant, the Camaro has really jumped headfirst into the enthusiast market and stepped out on the right foot for the future of the GM brand. As they have always been, the new Camaro is a hotbed for the aftermarket to ply its craft and make a great car even better.

Among the first modifications most enthusiasts take when spending their cash is exhaust systems. Improving the breathing, and of course sound, of the 6.2-liter V8 is a top priority on many a builder’s list. Here to help, we find extensive exhaust offerings from Kooks Headers. Supplying the hot-rodding crowd since 1962, Kooks has a lot of R&D under their belt to apply to the latest generation of cars, and the latest generations of enthusiasts who modify them.

KooksIn the video, we get to hear a 2016 Camaro SS outfitted with Kooks 1-7/8-inch long tube headers and full 3-inch back exhaust system. Applicable to the LT1 and LT4 engines, these headers come complete with provisions for 02 sensors and include all needed gaskets and hardware.

Drive-by sound clips show us that this combination can be barely civil in the volume department when off throttle and cruising. However, on throttle and while under load, the V8 bellows out a roaring snarl with a resonance quality that reminds us of a much more aggressively tuned platform than anything a domestic OEM would release. In-cabin noise is kept to a pleasant rumble with no audible cackle or harsh tone to tire out passengers on longer journeys.