Video: 1,200 Horsepower Mudder Tears Through Louisiana Swamps

When we think of 1,200 horsepower engines, no doubt most of us think about some high-end muscle car that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the fact of the matter is that big engines wind up in all sorts of crazy contraptions, among them big-wheeled mudders from Dixieland.

In this next video we see one such beast, a tall Chevy monster truck with a 1,200 horsepower supercharged 540ci big-block, tearing through the bayous of Louisiana.

The North American Redneck, or NAR, is often given a bad-rap as a dumbass hillbilly whose only skill is scratching his rear. And while it takes a certain amount of redneck to enjoy “muddin’” as it were, it also takes a lot of money, hard work and mechanical skill to accomplish what these mudders do.

The “Singer Slinger” is by far one of the more extreme rigs out there, sitting high on 55-inch tires and a sky-high lift. That kind of fabrication alone requires some serious welding and wrenching; adding a supercharged-and-alcohol-injected 540ci. big-block to the equation makes this one monster mudder. There’s something special about watching a mudder at home in its natural environment, and this big bull isn’t afraid to show off.

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Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine.
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