Two Men Find Illegal Way Of Making A 1980 Camaro Worth $676,000

A 1980 Camaro (NOT PICTURED ABOVE) was recently stopped by the border patrol. and what happened next might make it the most expensive 1980 Camaro we've ever seen! Image Credit:

Like them or hate them, the second generation Camaros have a special place in many Chevrolet Enthusiasts’ hearts. They are still readily available and in the gearhead’s hands they can become amazing restoration projects. But two men trying to cross the border into Mexico,  may of found the easiest (mind you illegal) way of making a second generation Camaro extremely valuable.

According to, two men were recently apprehended while trying to cross the border at the Interstate 8 checkpoint in a 1980 Camaro. Apparently the Camaro was loaded with illegal drugs, and a lot of it! Here’s an excerpt from the story that you can read in it’s entirety here :

The first seizure occurred about 3:20 a.m. Saturday when agents at the Interstate 8 checkpoint near Pine Valley stopped two men in a 1980 Chevrolet Camaro. The men, 36 and 25 years old, were from Mexico but legally in the United States. With the help of a police dog, agents discovered in the Camaro nearly 41 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $409,400 and about 9 pounds of crystal methamphetamine worth an estimated $164,700. The men were taken into custody and their car was seized, agent Scott Simon said.

A picture of the car was not in the news story, but what we want to know is where they hid it! 50 pounds of drugs in a Camaro? Forget trying to cross the border with 50 pounds of drugs, we can hardly fit anyone in the backseat!

Maybe they were as creative as the other vehicle that was confiscated the following evening. This time it was a Toyota 4 Runner that had metal casings in all four tires with 24 black-taped bundles of marijuana. The marijuana totaled about 171 pounds and was worth an estimated $102,780.

We’ve got to give a tip of our hat to the law enforcement and border patrol! Keep up the good work! And because we are always looking for a deal, when’s the auction for the Camaro?

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