Two Chevys Full Of Bodies Found In Oklahoma Lake

Cold cases are those murder or missing persons cases that go unsolved for years, or even decades. Some of these cases, like the disappearance of union leader Jimmy Hoffa, have inspired countless books and movies, while others never gain any traction until an accidental discovery or confession.

NBC News reports that Oklahoma State Troopers who were testing new sonar equipment in Foss Lake stumbled across not one, but two cars. What they first thought was merely a couple of stolen cars came with a grisly discovery; six bodies, potentially solving two cold cases that had long gone unsolved.

Troopers pulled a 1969 Chevy Camaro and an unspecified early 50s Chevy sedan from Foss Lake, initially finding a total of five bodies between the two vehicles. Divers, however, found a sixth skull, and police have so far only identified one of the victims. The three bodies found in the Camaro are thought to be a trio of high school students missing since 1970, when they were last seen in a blue 1969 Camaro.

A quick scan via Google maps reveals several hairpin turns on the very edge of Foss Lake, and the cars were found side-by-side, prompting speculation that speed or loss of control may have been to blame. Families of the victims are being notified before the names are released, hopefully bringing some closure to these long-open cold cases.


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