Throwback Thursday: Looking Back At A Cylinder Head Debate


Although Bobby put this article together back in 2015, the information is still relevant, and highly useful.

Like many of you, I’m a child of the ‘80s. I grew up listening to hair bands, skipping school, driving what I thought was a fast car, and reading magazine articles to learn ways to make it quicker. Back then, the Internet was not within the reach of everyone. It was a place reserved for those with more money than I, or those with a cool spy name like double-O-whatever.

Now, however, the Internet is accessible to everyone. Heck, it’s even found clasped within every hand around the world – literally.  Now that the Internet is available to everyone, be they in a restaurant, in their car, or sitting at the dinner table, the information it contains – be it right or wrong – is what people crave. Car enthusiasts do not need to wait for their favorite monthly magazine to arrive via snail mail anymore. With just a few simple key strokes, everything anyone ever wanted to know is available to them in their home, their car, or even in the food court of a mall.


Bobby gets into the differences of each head style, and what to look for.

I found myself thinking back to those magazine articles I once read, and wondered how many other readers have actually kept every magazine they ever purchased, and even how many of those enthusiasts actually take the time to look back through them trying to find a particular article.

That got me to thinking about the Chevy Hardcore website and how accessible the information actually is that we have assembled for readers. But, much like those old magazines thrown in a closet, many times, an older article that we put together is long forgotten. Unless someone is actively searching for a particular subject, that article might never get the opportunity to help an enthusiast in need.

So, in my attempt to make sure that this website maintains its goal of helping and entertaining readers, I think I have come up with a way to make sure you know about all the great edit that is not necessarily on our homepage, but still on the website, waiting for you to learn, laugh, or maybe do both from it.

Each Thursday, I’ll put together a throwback article that highlights an older piece of edit, and redelivers useful and/or entertaining material that I’m sure you guys will enjoy.


The identification guide is very useful.

This week, I have selected an article that many readers have been able to use in helping them decide what cylinder heads they should use. Written by our own Bobby Kimbrough, the article compares the gen-one small-block head against the Vortec head. The article dives into castings, identification markings, and even inherent traits of each style.

So, sit back, scroll through some very useful information, and enjoy this Throwback Thursday look into making the decision about choosing which cylinder head is right for your next small-block build. Again, you can check out the full article by clicking here.


Find out the benefits and traits of both the gen-one and Vortec small-block head.

Do you have a subject you would like more information about? Email me at, and let me know what it is. I’ll be sure to find the article that best suits your needs, and and stay true to the website’s mantra of helping readers.

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