Stolen Vet’s 1962 Corvette Found With Help From Online Community

Last week we told you about a veteran’s 1962 Corvette that was stolen out of a storage facility. Thankfully, the car has been located and it appears that the person responsible has been identified.

Floyd Seylor, a Vietnam veteran, had planned on passing down his 1962 Corvette to his daughter and they were in the process of building a sufficient garage for the vehicle. In the meantime, the car was put under lock and key at a local storage facility, where someone then cut the lock and stole the Corvette. A $10,000 reward was posted and the internet went ablaze with well-wishers and enthusiasts who wanted to see the Corvette, and Floyd’s war medals returned to their rightful owner.

It didn’t take long, but thanks to the many venues that picked up on the story, a local individual decided, after hearing about the stolen Corvette on a local TV news station, decided to check in their abandoned barn after another individual asked if they could “store something” in it for a while. Apparently, they told her they wanted to store a trailer in the barn.

Instead of a trailer, the Corvette was found in the barn but the war medals have not been located. No mention was made as to whether the barn’s owner would be receiving the reward money, but as they did help locate the vehicle and apparently directed authorities to the “acquaintance” that wanted to use their barn for storage, we could see how they would have earned it. As of this writing, it’s not sure whether one person or a group of nefarious individuals were involved in the theft.

Thankfully, the car is back in the rightful owner’s possession and those responsible for stealing the car are likely being fitted for new chain-linked bracelets. The car is a little worse for wear, as it was being parted out and reportedly, some parts are no longer with the car. The windshield has been removed, but thankfully is still with the vehicle. It appears that the thief was trying to part out the car before it could be located. Due to the quick thinking of the owner of the barn and the wide-spread nature of the story, they didn’t have enough time, as the car was located only days after being stolen. We’re glad it was!

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