Sportsman Spotlight: Trevor Hayes And His ’74 Camaro

Photo Provided By Trevor Hayes

Photos Provided By Trevor Hayes

Trevor Hayes and his family have an undeniable passion for drag racing. Trevor is from Rancho Cucamonga, California, and currently races his ’74 Chevrolet Camaro in the NMCA West and the Summit Series‘ events. The Camaro came together after he grew tired of driving other people’s racecars, and decided it was time to build one of his own. “I knew that it was time to build my own, so that I could make tuning changes and my own decisions to make the car work better for me,” said Trevor. Having been a lifelong fan of the Chevrolet brand, the Camaro was a perfect fit.

Photo Provided By Trevor Hayes When Hayes purchased the '74, it was already equipped with a rollcage.

When Trevor purchased the ’74, it was a previously used racecar.

Trevor told us, “The car was a racecar before I bought it, but it had been sitting outside of a buddies shop for three or four years.” Although he had not been hunting for a particular model car, this one turned out to be a good deal. He had always liked Camaros, so it seemed this arrangement was destined to be.

After countless hours of work, the Camaro was treated to a Tungsten Grey paint job.

It took Trevor approximately six months to get the car running, and to its current condition. In true father and son style, almost all of the work was completed by Trevor and his father, Jeff Hayes. Everything from installing the Lexan the windows, fitment of the fiberglass doors, making fender brackets, adding CalTracs, and rebuilding the front end, these tasks were all completed in their home shop. “My dad and I did almost all of the work on the car ourselves, except for the rearend setup and paint,” added Trevor.

Despite being a Bow Tie fan, the Camaro is painted Tungsten Grey, which is a 2007 Mustang color. Along with the weight savings of the fiberglass components, Trevor and his father added Lexan windows to shave some additional pounds. Thanks to the lightened body, the 400 cubic-inch small-block built by John Brooks helps the car reach consistent 10.20’s in the quarter-mile.

This combination features an aftermarket block, a 13.0:1 compression ratio, a Lunati crankshaft, Manley connecting rods, JE pistons, Brodix heads, T&D rockers, and an Edelbrock Super Victor intake. This thirsty combination drinks E85 thanks to a Holley 950 carburetor that was converted by Horsepower Innovations.

It took Hayes 6-months to get the Camaro running after he purchased the project. He and his father, Jeff Hayes did the majority of the work at home shop.

This potent combination has helped Hayes achieve some significant awards and a few wins along the way. In 2014, Hayes was nominated by fellow racers for the NMCA West Rookie of the Year, because of victories at the 2014 NMCA West events in Pomona, and Las Vegas, which helped Hayes build momentum for the season. 2015 proved to be another successful year for Trevor, as he earned wins at the West Coast Classic Run for the Money Shootout, the West Coast Classic Pro Shootout, and Summit Race number 3. Hayes averages 15 race weekends per year.

“I don’t think any car is ever finished,” said Trevor. Without the help of Lucas Oil, Dice Converters, Lamb Components, K&N, DJ Safety, Westech Performance Group, and Chad Reynolds, Hayes said he would not be where he is today.

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