Sportsman Spotlight: Dal Trubey’s 1970 Chevelle

'70 Chevrolet ChevelleTypically, racing is a family affair and the love for motorsports is passed down from one generation to the next, usually taking hold during one’s childhood years. Such is the case with Dal Trubey of Bullhead, Arizona. When he turned 10-years-old, his father got him started in kart racing. Dal continued racing karts for 15-years before he discovered desert racing, specifically dirtbikes.

With an obvious love for anything with an engine, he was destined to continue racing into the distant future. In the 1990’s, he returned to kart racing and has not given up on it entirely (he still owns that 250 super kart). However, another form of motorsports also caught his attention.

Images provided By Dal Trubey. When asked about who has helped him along the way, and he had a few people to thank, especially his wife. But his friend "Crazy Davey" Nassimbene, who Dal considers a brother from another mother was there every step of the way. Without family, friends, and good competition, drag racing would not be as much fun for Dal.

After finding a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle in 2007, he decided to build a show car. “I grew up in the ’60s, so I wanted something from that era,” said Dal. Although, the ’70 Chevelle is not a ’60s car, the musclecar spirit is there. When he tracked down his new project, it was not running, and the condition was slightly questionable. After investing plenty of time and money into the project, he decided to take it to the track to see how it ran. “Although it started as a show hot rod, once it hit the track, it was all over,” he told us.

Currently, the Chevelle transfers power from the 517ci big-block through a Powerglide to a 9-inch differential with 4.11 gears, a spool, and 35-spline axles.

Although he didn’t start seriously drag racing until 2010, he has earned a 2011 PSCA Street Muscle champ and a 2013 .500 Protree Association champ behind the wheel of his Chevelle. Thanks to a new 517ci big-block with a 14.0:1 compression ratio and a set of Trick Flow 280 heads, he hopes the Chevelle will run 9.0’s if the air is just right. With the previous engine, the ’70 had run a best of 9.24 at 144 mph, which is not too shabby considering the car tips the scales at 3,300 pounds, uses a stock-style suspension, and a set of Mickey Thompson 10.5 Pro Bracket radials. This new combination is fed a healthy dose of alcohol through a Ron’s Flying Toilet setup. Dal credits his good friend, Steve Cox for getting him hooked on the “booze” versus race gas.

'70 Chevrolet Chevelle

Although he still owns the 250 super kart, the Chevelle seems to get all of his attention.

Like many racers, Trubey did the majority of the work on the Chevelle himself. The only two areas where he sought help from professionals were the machining aspects of the engine and the paint. “I have to credit Chris Straub and Scott Foxwell at Straub Tech for providing a great camshaft and port work, and HBR for other parts and great machining,” he said. In the interest of saving weight, he added a fiberglass hood, fenders, and deck lid.

70 Chevrolet Chevelle

“It’s never finished, but living on a fixed income, it’s probably going to stay the way it is until I hit the Power Ball,” said Dal.

Fortunately, his wife shares his passion for racing (their first date was at a kart race at Willow Springs when she was 15-years-old). “I guess I should thank my wife of almost 47 years for putting up with this insanity,” Dal stated. Dal also thanks his father, who was able to pass down the love for all things that go fast. “My dad started all of this, so he’s to blame. I passed it along to my kids too, and they’ve been racing motorcycles and karts their whole lives,” he added.

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