Speedway Motors is proud to introduce their new Aluminum Master Cylinder. This lightweight master cylinder is based on a GM design which allows it to be used on a variety of classic cars and trucks, or even in drag racing and circle track applications.

Official Release:

Speedway Motors Aluminum Master Cylinder

Save weight, look great and stop safe with the new Aluminum Master Cylinder from Speedway Motors.

There is no other new production master cylinder on the market like this. The Speedway Motors Aluminum Master Cylinder not only boasts lightweight aluminum construction, but its main bore is sleeved with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to provide extra protection against the caustic materials found in modern brake fluids. The Aluminum Master Cylinder is based on the popular GM-style design, making it perfect for a wide range of street rods, classic trucks, muscle cars and even race cars. Outlets on both sides of the body (3/8-24 IFF) allow the master cylinder to be used in both frame-mount and firewall-mount applications, while the 1-inch bore size can be used with either manual or power brakes. The stainless steel sleeved Aluminum Master Cylinder has an unpolished body and chrome cover.

The Aluminum Master Cylinder, P/N 910-31428, is part of an ever-expanding line of specialty street rod and muscle car products from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop, where we’ve made rodding safe, fun and affordable for more than 59 years.