Send Your MagneRide C7 To Suspension Boot Camp With RideTech

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.20.24 PM“They don’t make cars like they used to…” We’ve all heard that old saying before and for better or worse, it’s probably true.

Back in the day, Zora Arkus Duntov and Bill Mitchell were judge, jury, and executioner, and they steamrolled their automotive visions through the labyrinth of General Motors without worrying about group-think, stiff suits, or whether a stroller fit in the “trunk” of a Corvette.

While that was great for killer styling and brutal performance, we also got cars that were rude, ornery, and rough around the edges.

Fast forward to today, and there are a myriad of regulations, safety standards, and legal quicksand that await any automobile manufacturer. There are entire floors in Detroit office buildings with dedicated bean counters making sure auto companies don’t go too crazy and violate one of a million regulations.

Although a bit of a buzz kill, the flip side is we get civilized cars with safety and performance that we could only dream about 10 years ago.

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One of the coolest technology automotive breakthroughs of the last 25 years was Magnetic Selective Ride or MagneRide (MR) and it was a pretty damn revolutionary event for Corvette. First offered on the 2003 50th Anniversary model, it has become a big part of Corvette’s modern ascent to one of the most respected sports cars in the world.

Developed by GM’s Delphi Automotive, MagneRide was sold in 2009 to Beijing West Industries and now has found it’s way to many OEM applications including arch rival Ford Mustang.

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RideTech’s MagneTuner cleans up your ‘Vettes MR suspension’s tuning with a super simple ECU swap.

The handling on your 2014-2017 MagneRide-equipped Corvette is already the best on the road. There is, however, room for improvement with respect to tuning, and RideTech’s MagneTuner sends your car’s magnetorheological suspension to bootcamp and banishes those aforementioned bean counter settings from your MagneRide shocks.

The OEM suspension engineers have done a fantastic job tuning these suspensions for a wide range of customers, climates, driving styles, and ride/handling compromises, but many of these broad brush calibration strategies may not be optimal for your particular car or application.

The MagneTuner is an integrated suspension ECU that replaces your OEM suspension computer. It comes pre-programmed with a calibration that not only greatly enhances the handling and stability of your car, but also improves ride quality as well!

RideTech did an install on a Corvette owned by 10/10ths Motorsports. It was done at the track with virtually no tools, between sessions! From L to R - ECU is located in driver's side front wheel well. It's as easy as loosening wheel well liner, pulling factory unit out and plugging MagneTuner in. The beauty of the device is it comes programmed so no trial and error required.

The same tuning strategies that allow the tire to remain in contact with the track, act to enhance ride quality. It is truly a no excuses application with the following attributes:

  • Calibrated for the true high performance enthusiast
  • Improved ride quality as well as handling performance
  • Plug-N-Play 20 minute installation
  • Enhances ALL suspension modes…Eco, Weather, Touring, Sport, and Track
  • Makes the car far more predictable and comfortable to drive at speed

Installation is a breeze and gently gets your MagneTune/Magnetic Selective Ride dialed in.

The system is plug-and-play, but if an end user really wants to get into the box and tweak parameters, it’s doable.

See RideTech for pricing, details and a deeper dive.


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