SEMA 2012: Magnuson Reveals Their New Heartbeat Supercharger

One of the biggest names in supercharging is at it again. Magnuson Superchargers has just launched their new Heartbeat System that caters to the late-model LS crowd.

When we finally first set eyes on this kit at this year’s SEMA show, we were impressed. Luckily, Dan Bronsten, Magnuson Engineering Manager, was on hand to fill us in on the details.

We used the same technology that Formula 1 uses to cool the blower in regards to our tube and fin designs. -Dan Bronsten

It’s engineered to fit in engine bays without the use of an aftermarket hood and without any cutting into the OEM piece. It’s a simple bolt-on arrangement that includes all of the necessary installation hardware and utilizes all of the factory vacuum and EGR lines.

What makes this supercharger particularly interesting is the fact that it features a built-in, dual-pass intercooler, a design aspect that combines both components into one small, compact borrowed from Formula 1. Dan related to us, “We used the same technology that Formula 1 uses to cool the blower in regards to our tube and fin designs” 

The Heartbeat kit comes complete with a handheld tuner to aid you in dialing in your car perfectly, so you can have the perfect balance of drivability, good gas milage, and incredible performance.

The Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger package as it's available in the black powdercoated finish.

Speaking of performance, you can expect up to an additional 120hp and 110 ft.-lbs. of torque at the rollers by installing one of these blowers to the engine of your car.

Heartbeat kits are available in either chrome or black powdercoat, and only for Chevrolet Corvette (’97-13 C5 & C6), Camaro (2010+), Cadillac CTS-V (2009+), and V8-powered Pontiac G8’s. They were first unveiled at SEMA, and will be available for purchase by the end of December.

  • Increase horsepower by up to 120hp over stock
  • Bolt-in design
  • Incorporated intercooler


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