Forgeline is showcasing a snarky set of its wheels on this very cool ’62 Bubble Top Bel Air that rolled out of Neil Lea’s Rods and Restos Shop down yonder in Alabama and be forewarned, if you like big sixties Chevy’s, grab a rag cause you might get some spittle on your shirt.

The first thing you notice about this ’62 is the acres of laser straight sheet metal and foot deep, pitch black paint. It’s hard to get a big, black car right, but this thing looks like it’s carved from a single ingot of rare metal. It’s been treated to a modest emblem and badge shave leaving only the door handles and spears of chrome down the sides to punctuate the early-60’s Bill Mitchell rectilinear design cues.

This 4 tail light Bubble top is powered by the prettiest fuel injected 409 mill on record and rolls down the tarmac on an Ironwork chassis and Forgeline ZX3P wheels, 18×8-inch front and 20×10-inch rear with black centers and chrome rims.

The real genius of this car is the interior. The baseball glove colored guts are meticulously stitched and combine late model pieces with custom door panels, console and super clean execution.

The clincher though,is the dash and yours truly got a little verklempt at first viewing. It look likes two mirror sections of a stock ’62 dash were welded together creating a factory looking, dual binnacle tour de force. Long gone GM designers would be cheering from beyond the grave this is so period correct and forever cool. Hats off to Rods and Restos for a breath of fresh air here.

Check out Forgeline’s Facebook page for more pics of this big nasty,black  Bel Air.