Rendering Crosses C7 Corvette With Camaro

camaro-corvetteBack in January, General Motors finally lifted the covers on the most-anticipated American car debut in the past few years, the 2014 Corvette C7. This radically-redesigned Corvette has been, for the most part, well received by both the public and car publications. One area that has drawn some criticism, though, is the squared-off tail light treatment, which ditches the traditional round lights that Corvette fans have held on to for decades.

camaro-corvette-2The 2014 Camaro also got new tail lights, differentiating them even more so from the Corvette by going with one solid lamp piece. Over on Camaro5, forum member Brunogadget crossed the Corvette C7’s backend with the 2014 Camaro, coming up with this unique rendering. We dig it, and wouldn’t be surprised if in a few months Camaro-to-Corvette backend conversion kits hit the market.

The 2014 Camaro refresh was fairly mild, all told, though the biggest difference was to the back end. There, the quad-tail lights merged into just two large tail lamps, not unlike the classic Camaros of yesteryear. The change to the Corvette’s tail lights, though, was a bit more shocking to Corvette enthusiasts, who had not expected GM to change one of the most distinguishing features of previous Corvettes.

So why not combine the square taillights of the C7 Corvette with the new Camaro? That and the Corvette’s rear diffuser, applied to the Camaro, equals one sexy back end. Who knows? Maybe GM will see this rendering and decide “Hey, that’s not a bad idea” and build a (new) LT1-powered Camaro with those Corvette tail lights. We wouldn’t be opposed to the idea, that’s for sure.


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