Reader’s Hardcore Project: Brandon Perry’s Dual Procharged 1967 Nova


Talk about a hardcore project, Brandon Perry of Port Orchard, Washington, is building a 1967 Nova that features two Prochargers with two of all of the goodies that come with them. “This whole thing is kind of a science project,” Patrick McAuliffe, owner of Those Guys Rod and Customs out of Bremerton, Washington, told us.

Brandon's Nova doesn't look too far from completion, but there is still quite a bit of work to finish.

Right now, the car is sitting in Patrick’s shop, but it has been passed around several times during the build process. It has received a lot of work over the last year since Brandon acquired the Chevy.


According to Brandon, “The interest in this particular project really sparked when I found the car for sale. I soon discovered that it used to be a well-known racecar driven by Yvonne Lucas in the northwest.” The chassis was originally designed and built by Brian Sells at Redline Race Cars in Toutle, Washington.

When Brandon first acquired the car, he took it to Ultra Carbon in Tacoma, Washington, for a custom-made carbon fiber hood, trunk lid, and rear wing. “Initially, we needed to get the hood on the car so we could get the height measurements for the induction and fuel injection system,” Brandon told us. After the hood was finished, the car went to Rob Boardway, of Stainless Brain Fabrication in Fox Island, Washington.


There, Rob and Brandon mocked up the twin Prochargers, and figured out how they wanted to mount the intercoolers and requisite plumbing. “Rob built temporary mounts for the head units so a final design could be engineered and built from that,” Brandon explained.

These were taken at Ultra Carbon. The first picture is the hood before final trimming. The other two pictures are building the mold for the tail wing.

After that is when the car actually ended up at Those Guys Rod and Customs. Patrick and the guys have designed and fabricated the mounts for the remote electric water pump, vacuum pump, alternator, and the recirculator pump for the intercoolers’ cold water system.

“That’s pretty much everything that has been done up to this point,” Brandon told us. “I brought it home and didn’t really do anything with it for a few months. I just put it together in my mind.” Although he has only been working on the project for about a year, he says he isn’t under any kind of time crunch to get this build finished. “If I have a buddy with some time available, it goes there for a little while, moving around as they are each available to help.”

The engine you see in the car is for mock-up purposes, but when finished, the car will use a 540 cubic-inch engine with FAST EFI, a Powerglide automatic transmission, and a 9-inch rearend with 4.56 gears. The plan is to make it a streetcar that Brandon can race. “It will be 70-percent street driven and 30-percent racer,” Brandon told us. As far fetched as it might sound, the focus of the build really is about streetability as opposed to track performance. Let’s be honest though, it’s going to be able to hit the track pretty hard.


This custom, one-off pulley is to run the dual Procharger system.

Brandon wanted to mention Brian Macy at the EFI store for help with the FAST EFI system. “He is a great guy,” Brandon told us, “and even though he is in a fight with Cancer, he still has time to give advice along the way.” Brian is the owner of Horsepower Connection and The EFI Store in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

The car will soon be back at back at Stainless Brain to finish building the intake, and intake piping. Once the car is done at Rob’s shop it’ll go back to Brandon’s for tear down so that he can paint the chassis and install the final engine. “I still have to finish the fuel system, wiring, and plumbing of the water system for each intercooler,” Brandon explained. He estimates the project will be finished sometime in spring 2017.

What do you think of Brandon’s Nova, does it inspire you to work on your own project car? Let us know in the comments below, and if you have a project of your own that you’ve been slaving away at, share it with us! Send us an email at, and yours could be the next Chevy project featured in our Reader’s Hardcore Projects.

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